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Hafley Breaks Down BC’s Offensive Changes After Win Over Maine

Boston College football displayed a new version of itself on Saturday in front of 34,325 fans at Alumni Stadium. Phil Jurkovec threw for over 300 yards for the first time this season, George Takacs continued his strong start with seven catches for 66 yards, Pat Garwo III returned to last year’s form with a two-touchdown game, and the Eagles’ 2022 offensive line had its best game to date. 

One major difference was that offensive coordinator John McNulty stood on the sidelines throughout the entire game, rather than sitting in the booth.   

“That’s something John and I talked about as the week went on, and he just felt more comfortable being around the players,” Hafley said during Sunday’s media availability. “Being on the field, getting a feel for them. … He felt like he’d get guys in quicker with the players that he wanted to call. … He brought a lot of good energy, good communication with the players.” 

The offense certainly benefited, as the Eagles totaled 431 yards of offense and scored four times, both season highs. A big reason for their success was limiting the pressure on Jurkovec, who looked noticeably more comfortable in the pocket. 

Still, the offensive line’s growing pains remained mildly evident—it is still young and inexperienced, after all.   

“I think that those guys blocked better than they had, and I think there was improvement,” Hafley said. “But then there were also a bunch of plays where we’re supposed to be deucing back to the backside linebacker, and we hesitate, and that guy makes a play.” 

Hafley said the Eagles are hoping to get starting left tackle Ozzy Trapilo back next week from injury. In the meantime, Hafley wants to see the young core make strides. 

“Every week we need to throw new formations at people,” Hafley said. “And then I think every week we need to get better and have those guys play together and add stuff so we can continue to move forward…so by the end of the season we’re playing our best football.” 

Many new faces on the offense showed up Saturday, including running back Alex Broome and wide receivers Joseph Griffin and Lewis Bond, all freshmen. Broome had a season-high eight carries, while Griffin and Bond combined for three catches. 

Hafley was adamant about putting a variety of players on the field regardless of their experience—or lack thereof. 

“If a guy is going to play meaningful snaps and help us win, then we need to play him, and that’s my job: to take a close look at and figure out who those guys are and play those guys,” Hafley said.  

September 20, 2022