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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Oct. 30

Thumbs Up:

  • Normalize Trick-or-Treating in College 
    • It seemed like this year, Halloween celebrations were a saving grace after a grueling week. While partying our hearts out was a great way to escape weekday stress, we think that vibes would be elevated if society accepted college students trick-or-treating as a typical Halloweekend event. It would be wholesome, nostalgic, and would no doubt help the student body bond. After all, we’re probably more in need of free food than suburban Newtonian kids. Let’s get this movement going!
  • Good Duo Costumes
    • When two people dress up in coordinated costumes together, their ensembles can either flop or be a refreshing show stopper amid seas of basic get-ups. While it’s common for college students to dress up with their friends or romantic partners, it’s crucial that cliches are avoided. Instead of angel and devil, you can’t go wrong with remaking characters from your favorite movie or bringing things back to childhood cartoons. That being said, when a good duo costume is good, it’s really good.


Thumbs Down:

  • Halloweekend Lines at Crazy Dough’s
    • At the final minutes of Halloweekend nights, the fog creeps in and doors close shut. But, once the parties stop, where do all the monsters go? Nearly every ghost and ghoul—plus students dressed as sexy cats and Top Gun characters—gather to feast at Crazy Doughs to refuel. Fellow halloweekenders are faced, however, with haunting lines that stretch on for miles. Balsamic slices are enticing bait, but it’s certainly a bummer to wait.
  • On my way!
    • Good communication is key when plans are made with anyone. Regardless of who you meet, it’s only natural that your thumbs glide over the “omw” keys to ensure proper meet-up courtesies. If you’re an iPhone user, though, you may fall prey to the “On my way!” autocorrect pop-up. It happens literally every time for us here at TUTD, but we estimate there is not a single soul that has ever asked their phone to ghost write quick texts into weirdly formal and enthusiastic declarations of arrival.
October 30, 2022

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