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Singles Roundup: Brockhampton, Yves Tumor, and Wizkid

“Big Pussy” by Brockhampton

The beginning of the end for hip hop group Brockhampton has arrived with the single “Big Pussy,” a precursor to its upcoming final album The Family.

It’s instantly clear that the group is done after this album, with lyrics mentioning that their label is forcing them to put out 35 more minutes of music. That fact, along with Kevin Abstract uncharacteristically being the only member rapping on this track, paints the picture that Abstract just threw something together on his own and released it. There’s a little more to this story than that, though. 

The song features a delicious bass sound that punctuates Abstract’s aggressive delivery on the first verse and then switches to lighter instrumentation for the softer second verse. 

Abstract talks about loving his crew but being tired of industry pressures. The artists love their fans but are done taking punches. Whether this last album is just a lazy contractual obligation or a truly powerful sendoff for the group remains to be seen. But this single does point to the latter.

“God Is a Circle” by Yves Tumor

Artist Yves Tumor returned with a new experimental and addicting single titled “God Is a Circle.”

Tumor’s quiet vocals and fast-paced bassline somehow feel incomplete without the ever-present frantic breathing that they add to the track. It sounds insane, but this constant gasping eventually blends into the song so well that when the breathing is shushed for one second, the song feels barren. It adds to a frantic feeling throughout the song that is only accentuated by the dark lyricism.

Tumor sings of a toxic relationship and worries of what their self-destructive partner might do. These lyrics are truly unsettling as Tumor talks about feeling trapped, saying that they can’t fully express themselves. But despite all that, they don’t want to stop loving their partner.

Tumor has constructed a masterful track that captures feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and toxicity. Hopefully there’s an album full of tracks like this coming soon, but, unfortunately, they haven’t announced anything yet.

“Money & Love” by Wizkid

Listeners got a hint of what to expect from Modern Afrobeat artist Wizkid’s upcoming album More Love, Less Ego with single “Money & Love.”

“Money & Love” is another slow, smooth jam from the popular Nigerian artist. While Wizkid doesn’t break away from his signature style, the song is an easy one to enjoy. He sings in Yoruba and English about how his pockets and heart are both full now, living up to the song’s title, “Money & Love.” Wizkid celebrates his recent musical success and never comes across as conceited on this smooth dance beat.

For those uninitiated to Afrobeat or Wizkid yet, this is a solid track to introduce them, and for those familiar with the two this is a must-listen new single.

November 6, 2022