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Sweater Weather: A Look into BC’s Favorite Sweaters

It’s officially that time of year when we dig out (or ask our parents to drop off) the autumn clothing staples that have been folded away in our wardrobes. Although some fall fashion trends have changed over the years, there is one article of clothing that will never lose its prestige: the sweater.

Besides being the title of a song by the alternative-pop band The Neighborhood, “sweater weather” is widely known as the time of year when the seasons transition from summer to fall and the temperatures drop. You know sweater weather has begun when everyone on campus is suddenly wearing sweaters and Hillside Cafe runs out of pumpkin spice syrup every few hours. While most of your money might be put toward pumpkin spice lattes, one of the best ways for a college student to get the biggest bang for their buck is to buy a few high-quality sweaters. From chunky knits to Fair Isle patterns, there is simply nothing better than bundling up in a warm sweater when temperatures drop.

Fall weather in New England is like living with an indecisive God. Fierce wind gusts one day can be followed with unseasonable heat the next. Even on those rainy days when the Maloney elevators are at full capacity, one unanimous fall cue across the Heights is the classic sweater.

Sweaters are versatile and will probably never go out of style. They can stand out from the crowds on the Quad or on Newton Campus, by way of color, fabric, cut, or pattern.

Here’s my account of the latest sweater trends on the Heights, associating each one with a notorious spot on campus.

The Plex

Just as the Margot Connell Recreation Center is the superior version of the old “Plex,” the knitted hoodie is a more elevated take on the loungewear staple. Not only can students be seen wearing these on a Saturday morning with Aviator Nation sweatpants, but also on a Tuesday afternoon with a nice pair of jeans and sleek sneakers.

O’Neill Library

Anchoring most knitwear collections like O’Neill anchors Boston College’s Main Campus, the crewneck is one of the most popular sweaters, according to fashion icons on campus. Whether cropped or oversized, there are countless long-sleeve crewneck styles available for every outfit and mood. Relish the last warm days of the season by pairing your favorite crew neck with a skirt or even layered over a dress.


Gaining more popularity this season than Schiller is to students looking for a new place to study is the iconic nautical-inspired navy and white striped sweater. Long ago, the “Breton” became a wardrobe staple, and today it is making a comeback like the one that we hope to see this football season. Everywhere on campus, we are seeing more and more effortless-looking arrays of horizontal stripes in various widths and configurations. Despite its nautical vibe, some BC students say that you can still pair the Breton stripe with everything in your fall wardrobe. Amazing, right?

Lower Dining

Just like a Sunday morning wouldn’t be a real BC Sunday morning without Lower breakfast potatoes, a proper sweater collection can’t be complete without a dash of cashmere! Cashmere is the ultimate luxury when it comes to sweaters, and a simple pullover is by far the most versatile and popular of any neckline at BC.

Gasson Hall

Black turtlenecks are to closets as Gasson is to BC—the latter is incomplete without the former. Perhaps the most common sweater trend that I have observed on campus is the ribbed, fitted black turtleneck, a truly timeless fashion staple, and the best option for layering and tucking. I can guarantee you won’t regret buying one. I bet you will even question how you ever dressed without one.

Though the prime sweater-wearing time is limited to a few months each year, investing in a few sweaters will have you set for years. As a BC student especially, it is almost essential that you own a sweater or two. Before the fall season ends, I encourage you to purchase one more sweater, wear it while you can, tuck it back in your closet, and unearth it again next year.

November 6, 2022