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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Nov. 20

Thumbs Up:

  • First Snow!
    • Picture perfect and Hallmark movie–worthy, the first snow of the year at Boston College always warms students’ hearts. On Tuesday, the campus was glistened by snowflakes for the first time, even though it was unexpected after a week of record-high temperatures. It seems like even the BC students from the Northeast and other chilly places can’t get enough of the magic—we’ll never stop running outside with our friends or leaping to our windows to catch a glimpse of our very own snow globe.
  • Pumpkin Spice Everything
    • If you’re familiar with the millennial culture, you know that pumpkin spice is a controversial topic. Just think about PSLs, infinity scarves, Ugg boots, and a holy divergence away from “hot girl summer.” But honestly, pumpkin spice is everything nice. A pumpkin-flavored treat doesn’t have to make every fall lover feel basic. You can really never do too much, and no one should feel ashamed of a good ‘ol pumpkin obsession.


Thumbs Down:

  • No Lights in the Mod Parking Lot
    • Here’s some food for thought—have you ever noticed how dim the Mod parking lot is at night? It’s niche, but Mod residents and students who call Lower their home sweet home can probably relate to the feeling of walking through the Mod parking lot in the evening and understand the ominous vibes that come along with it. Eags, if you find yourselves getting lost in the darkness, just look toward the Northern Lights (the radiant array of LEDs in Walsh) and you’ll find your way back home.
  • Taylor’s Ticketmaster Regime
    • The date Nov. 15 rings a familiar tune for the battered war heroes who survived the treacherous battle for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour tickets. Thousands upon thousands of verified fans waited for hours in the queue, only to be either booted out of line or plunged into the race of a lifetime to secure seats. Rumor has it that friendships have been torn, families divided, and angry tweets and emails have been written after Ticketmaster’s deluged website failed too many broken-hearted fans who didn’t get tickets.
November 20, 2022

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