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P!nk Addresses Trust and Love on New Album, ‘TRUSTFALL’


P!nk’s ninth album, TRUSTFALL, consists of 13 tracks that reflect the value of finding trust and love in life. 

TRUSTFALL was released on Feb. 17, but P!nk released two singles from the album before the release date. The title track, “TRUSTFALL” was released at the end of January, and it contains the familiar pop-genre sound signature to P!nk. The song begins with a metronome beat that sets a steady tempo for the entire song and high-pitched echoes of the lyrics repeating. The song connects to the album’s overarching theme of being able to leave behind the mess of life and have love and trust to fall back on.

“Close your eyes and leave it all behind / Go where love is on our side / It’s a trust fall, baby / It’s a trust fall, baby,” P!nk sings. 

Three days before the release of the album, P!nk released another single, “When I Get There.” This emotive track is a tribute to her father who passed away in August 2021. 

“Sometimes love leaves us too soon,” P!nk wrote on Instagram on Feb. 14. “On Valentine’s Day- I cherish the love I have that I can touch- and the love I have in my heart for those who have gone on to the next adventure. This one’s for you, Daddy Sir.”

“When I Get There” is a slow and captivating song which fits P!nk’s strong raspy voice, as she reminisces about her father. The whole song is written in the second person, creating a sense of intimacy as the listener gets to feel like they are listening to a private conversation between P!nk and her late father. 

“Is there a place you go / To watch the sunset and oh / Is there a song you just can’t wait to share? / Yeah I know you’ll tell me when I get there,” P!nk sings. 

A theme throughout the album is P!nk’s incorporation of questions into her lyrics. In her 11th track on the album, “Feel Something,” P!nk sings about wanting to and being able to give and receive love. In the chorus, the tempo builds up in the first half of each line as the lyrics express her effort, but quickly the tempo falls again by the end as P!nk acknowledges that she got nothing out of it. 

“My feet are gettin’ sore, but I keep runnin’ / I do it again and again and again, but I found nothin’ / I gave my heart to the wolves and they tore it open,” P!nk sings. 

TRUSTFALL has three credited guests: The Lumineers on “Long Way to Go,” First Aid Kit on “Kids in Love,” and Chris Stapleton on “Just Say I’m Sorry.” The Lumineers sing as an echo to P!nk on the song. Folk duo, First Aid Kit, harmonizes beautifully with P!nk in “Kids in Love.” The song dips into the country genre, a style which complements P!nk’s voice. “Just Say I’m Sorry” is an emotive duet that combines P!nk and Stapleton’s powerful raspy voices. The song relates to the themes of the rest of P!nk’s album and dives into the complexity of love. 

“Just say, ‘I’m sorry’ / It’s not the hardest thing to do / Just say you’re wrong sometimes / And I’ll believe you ’cause I love you / Just say, ‘I’m sorry,’” P!nk and Stapleton sing. 

P!nk’s other tracks, “Turbulence,” “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” “Runaway,” “Last Call,” “Hate Me,” “Lost Cause,” and “Our Song” all continue to play with the themes of finding sources of trust and love. 

TRUSTFALL has something for every member of P!nk’s audience of different ages and backgrounds as it dives into the universally relatable layers of love and the emotional trustfall that life is. 

February 19, 2023