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Caffeine Cliques: What Your Preferred Coffee Spot Says About You

Boston College has an abundance of beverage options, from smoothies at Mac to shakes at the Rat, but I’m personally partial to coffee. And like me, most BC students are coffee lovers. But when we’re craving caffeine, we rarely find ourselves getting coffee from the same spot. BC has many places to fulfill your coffee cravings, so here’s what your favorite spot says about you.

If You Prefer the Chocolate Bar: 

If the Chocolate Bar is your preferred coffee spot, then I am very pleased to announce that you are correct—the Chocolate Bar is in fact the best spot to get your cup of joe. The welcoming feeling from the staff and the constant energy from everyone passing by in Stokes South create the perfect atmosphere. Because a lot of my friends have classes in Stokes, I usually run into a lot of people I know as I’m getting my caffeine fix. Receiving a warm “hello” or wave from a friend or classmate always brightens my morning. The Chocolate Bar makes you feel like you are part of a community here at BC.

If You Prefer Hillside Cafe:

If Hillside is your favorite coffee spot then you are almost correct—Hillside comes the closest to matching the Chocolate Bar’s vibes. The constant crowd and fast-paced feeling in Hillside give you an adrenaline boost no matter what time of day you go there. For students who live on Lower Campus, it is a great and convenient place to get your caffeine. But, if you are a freshman, you probably feel out of place. If you are a freshman and Hillside Cafe is your favorite spot, then you are basically walking all the way to Lower Campus to get the same coffee you could have gotten at the Chocolate Bar. 

If You Prefer College Road Cafe (CoRo):

If CoRo is your preferred coffee destination on campus, you have picked a solid choice. But I have one question for you—why do you isolate yourself? Unlike other coffee locations, CoRo is separated from the bustle of students going from class to class, so running into a friend at CoRo is a rarity. CoRo is a great study place as it is more quiet than the Chocolate Bar and Hillside, so sometimes it provides a nice shift in energy. 

If You Prefer The Market on Lower Campus: 

If your preferred place to get coffee is The Market on Lower Campus then you definitely like to multitask during your coffee run. Coffee is not your main thought, and you like to grab a cup on the go rather than planning your day around your coffee. Although it does not have a chatty cafe atmosphere, The Market is advantageous because you can get coffee while running errands and picking up some snacks to bring back to your dorm. 

If You Prefer Legal Grounds on Newton Campus:

If your favorite cafe is Legal Grounds then, as an Upper kid, I am sorry you’re sequestered on Newton Campus, and I hope the bus app does not glitch too much. Even though I spent my freshman year living on Upper Campus and only went to Newton once, I hear that Legal Grounds and the overall atmosphere in Stuart Dining Hall help create a special community and unique bond among Newton freshmen, which is something I can admire. 

If You Prefer the Rat, Mac, or Lower: 

If you say your ideal coffee spot is one of the dining halls then you are simply lying. Hey, I am not judging you. We’ve all had to get rid of our meal plan money before, and Eagle Bucks definitely do not last all semester. But let’s not lie to ourselves—the coffee from the dining halls does not come close to the coffee you can get with your Eagle Bucks. Plus, the chaos of the dining halls make them inconvenient spots for a quick coffee run. 

February 26, 2023