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Glorious Getaways: What Your Spring Break Destination Says About You

As Spring Break approaches, Boston College students have scrambled to throw together (what they hope will be) the perfect getaway from the Heights. Maybe you’re trying to show off your gains from the Plex somewhere warm. Perhaps you’re looking for a taste of adventure. Or, maybe you really just miss your bed at home. All of the above are valid priorities, but I’m here to tell you what your choice really says about you. 


If you are going to Mexico, you’re probably traveling to Cancun and you think this Spring Break is going to be the best week of your life. I really hope your lofty expectations will be met. You likely are going with a big group of friends, and you can’t wait to finally post a group photo on Instagram to ‘officially’ launch your Spring Break trip. I bet that you are all looking forward to drinking cheap all-inclusive resort liquor and listening to “Pepas by Farruko on repeat. And, hey, there’s really nothing wrong with that combo! 

Dominican Republic: 

If your highly anticipated getaway is to the Dominican Republic, then congratulations, I’ve heard Punta is the place to be this year! You definitely think that you are superior to those going to Mexico. Even though you don’t want to admit it, you’ll probably have about the same experience as your friends traveling to Cancun, except your resort will be filled with all BC kids. You probably were worried about catching a severe case of FOMO this Spring Break, and so you went with the basic option—we all do that sometimes. I’m guessing you’ve already packed your bags for a week-long bender. Don’t worry, you’ll also have cheap liquor to accompany you as you try to get the perfect tan to show off after break.


If your sweet escape is under the Florida sun, my guess is that you didn’t want to pay for the more expensive flight to Mexico or the Dominican Republic—but you definitely thought about it. You are probably going with a group of friends to relax on the beach and try to cure your Boston winter blues. You are looking forward to the warm weather coupled with a nice frozen margarita and white sand. If you’re venturing to Miami specifically, you’re probably hoping to live the clubbing lifestyle for the next few days. 

Somewhere Cold: 

If you chose to go somewhere cold for this Spring Break, you probably feel like you’ve been jipped of a true New England winter. I assume you are from somewhere cold and are looking for a comfortable mid-March vacation. If you’re skiing, the choice to travel somewhere chilly is more understandable. You chose to be different by venturing into the cold, and I do indeed admire that.


If Europe is your destination of choice, you must be a seasoned traveler. Your vacation days  are probably jammed-packed with visits to an array of aesthetic places, and you likely have had every single outfit already planned for at least a month. You are ready to indulge in an Aperol spritz while people-watching in plazas. I envy the glamorous lifestyle that you lead. 

Staying in Boston:

If exploring Boston was your choice this Spring Break, you likely will have the time to explore areas outside of the BC bubble, which is something not all of us can say we’ve done. You’ll definitely be the most prepared for the second half of the semester and feel well-rested. I recommend that you treat yourself and order a nice sundae from The Scoop N Scootery to your dorm or off-campus house—I promise you won’t regret it!

Home Sweet Home: 

If you’re traveling back home for Spring Break, you probably do not live close to Boston. Maybe you’re a little homesick or just really miss your pets. Perhaps you’re even in a long-distance relationship with someone back at home and just needed an excuse to visit them. Either way, you are ready for a home-cooked meal and a week to reset. I honestly respect that.

March 3, 2023