Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Sept. 10

Thumbs Up:

  • Friends Old and New
    • From exchanging handshakes to running into hugs, Boston College students are excited to see each other. With the arrival of a new class and the return of recent alumni for football games, the campus is full of friends. If you’re struggling with the inevitable small talk that follows the question, “How was your summer?” don’t stress, your friends are just happy to see you. So take a look at the mix of smiling faces around you and embrace this year and your friendships—the familiar ones and the new ones.
  • Hiya, Barbie
    • After this summer’s record-breaking premiere of the Barbie movie, the phenomenon seems to be finding its way into every corner of our lives. It’s fantastic. Not only are weekend dance parties taking the theme to another level, but the stunning metaphors of the Barbie world have found their way into our classrooms and our masses (if you were at the Mass of the Holy Spirit, you know what we are talking about). So don your favorite pink shirt and hone the Barbie message for yourself. “Imagination, life is your creation!”

Thumbs Down:

  • “If you close your eyes, it feels like Florida!”
    • For students excited to return to the four balanced seasons of New England, two weeks of highs nearing 100 degrees are becoming tedious. And it’s not just the heat. Between hazy skies, the ever-threatening promise of rain, and a general feeling of being sticky, the weather has simply not been cooperating. When all we want is to take a Res walk, play a round of Spikeball, or do our reading on a bench, we find ourselves choosing between feeling constantly sweaty or heading inside (and God forbid you don’t have air conditioning). So, whether the recent weather has been a mild or major inconvenience to you, no Eagle can deny it—right now, it feels like we are going to college in Florida.
  • Elevator Politics
    • At 8:51 a.m., would you rather you wait in line for the elevator from Lower to Middle Campus or trudge up the Million Dollar Stairs? How about at 8:53? And which route is really the fastest? Every BC student has their own preferred morning route to class, but late wake-ups and long elevator lines can complicate everyone’s plans. Once everyone has figured out their routine, mornings will be smoother. Until then, just take a breath—you will get to class, we promise.
September 10, 2023