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Class of 2024 Feedback Form Solicits Student Input for Proposed Senior Events

Boston College seniors received an email on Sunday morning titled “Class of 2024 Let’s Celebrate You,” prompting them to provide feedback on proposed additional senior class events.

“We know that you began your Boston College experience in the midst of a pandemic that prevented you from participating in some BC traditions like First Flight, the class picture, and more,” the email reads. “On that note, we want to make your Senior year even more special. If you have ideas on this, we want to hear about it!”

The email, signed by Vice President for Student Affairs Shawna Cooper Whitehead and UGBC President Jonah Kotzen, MCAS ’24, included a link to a Google form where seniors could provide their input on these potential Senior Week offerings.

“Senior Week programs are fast approaching and the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs wants to hear your thoughts and input,” the form reads. “In recognition of your first year experience during Covid-19, we’d like to hear from you about your interest in additional Senior Week opportunities.”

The form discussed the plan to hold a 100 Days Dance in February for seniors, as well as special senior programming during the week of May 13. Students were asked to answer if they were interested in attending other extra Senior Week events as well, and if so, at what time of the school year they would prefer for the events to be held.

The form asked students to select events they would be interested in attending, such as a Newton Campus reunion, a seniors-only night at Hillside Cafe, a midnight breakfast, and a trivia or bingo night. The form included a space for students to suggest events as well.

The form also polled whether students would like to participate in a Welcome Week re-do, alongside a recreation of the Class of 2024 number photo at Alumni Stadium.

“If you would like to participate in recreating the Class of 2024 number photo, would you also be interested in participating in a Welcome Week re-do, attending a recreation of events you may have missed due to Covid-19 restrictions?” the form asks.

Seniors could indicate their interest in attending a BC senior night at a local sporting event as well.

“Would you like to attend a Boston College Senior night at a Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, or New England Revolution game?” the form asks. “This would require the purchase of special tickets, at cost, with potential recognition during the game of Boston College Seniors. This offer would be exclusive for Boston College Class of 2024.”

Along with senior event offerings, the form asked students to reflect on their experience with COVID-19 restrictions and how they would like to better improve their remaining time at BC.

“Recognizing that the Class of 2024’s experience with Covid restrictions, what is something that you would like to do with your Class of 2024 members to experience a better completion of your time at Boston College?” the form writes.

To sign off the email, Cooper Whitehead and Kotzen asked seniors to connect with their classmates, both inside and outside of class.

“In the meantime, we want to start celebrating the Class of 2024 now! Over the next few weeks, we encourage you to connect with your classmates,” the email reads. “Whether you do so in class, on a retreat, at an event, or simply hanging out in your residence hall, take a snap and tag @bcstuaffairs and @ugbcinsta through 10/23/2023 and we will follow up with a special limited edition senior (Class of 2024) item!”

September 25, 2023