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Yoony’s Guide to Off-Campus Workout Classes

From daily hunts for empty treadmills to monotonous routines, most Boston College students eventually tire of their typical workouts at the Plex. 

Whenever I find myself craving a good workout, my excitement eventually turns to dread as I think about heading to the Plex and going through the motions of my usual routine. If you’re like me—hoping to branch out and find new ways to stay active—here are some options you can explore near campus. 


If you’re looking for an intense workout that goes at a slower pace, SLT on Newbury Street is the place for you. SLT—which stands for “strengthen, lengthen, tone”— offers 50-minute “Megaformer” classes that combine cardio, strength training, and toning. While the workouts are low-impact, they incorporate high-intensity movements and will definitely leave you sweating. For me, SLT’s workouts can be difficult to keep up with due to the diverse types of equipment and machines you use. But, an SLT class is definitely one of the most well-rounded workouts you can find in Boston because the classes target every muscle group. 

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp classes are by far the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. At Barry’s, you spend half of class on the treadmill running at different speeds and inclines. The other half of the class is focused on resistance training. The combination of running and weight training makes this a high-intensity workout. Engaging in a challenging and fast-paced workout is always rewarding, and the dynamic among the participants in Barry’s classes is electric. If this sort of environment sounds enticing to you, stop by Barry’s Chestnut Hill location and try out a class. 


SoulCycle’s 45-minute spin classes offer participants a cardio-centric workout. While you’re pedaling away, the instructor also leads a quick weighted arm workout toward the end of the class—this allows you to get in a high-intensity cardio exercise while also toning your muscles. Some people refer to SoulCycle as a cult due to the strong sense of community among riders. Booming music and dark lighting create the perfect ambiance for you to spin to the rhythm and push aside all your worries. The SoulCycle in Chestnut Hill offers artist-themed rides like “Best of Taylor Swift” in addition to other fun themes like “Sunday Scaries Shake-Off.” These festive rides allow you to personalize your workout experience to your liking. Personally, SoulCycle is one of my favorite workout classes and has been my go-to since freshman year. It will always be the place I go to de-stress.


My current favorite workout spot is CorePower, which has 12 locations in the Boston area. With various types of classes—like yoga sculpt, a yoga class that incorporates weight training, and hot yoga—CorePower is the place to check out if you are looking for a routine that incorporates cardio, weights, and yoga all in one. The heated studios and dimmed lights also create the perfect atmosphere to de-stress while you get in tune with your body—every workout class ends with a song that everyone meditates to. I highly recommend the 60-minute yoga sculpt class, where you will find yourself doing traditional yoga poses in addition to HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, moves. 


[solidcore] is similar to a traditional Pilates class but with a heightened focus on resistance training through slow and controlled movements. There are five locations of the chain scattered throughout the Boston area. In a 50-minute [solidcore] class, you will find yourself targeting every part of your body through various Pilates-like circuits. These circuits can be challenging—whenever I go to [solidcore], I really have to push myself to complete the session without a break. The colorful lighting and upbeat music curate an energizing vibe in each class. [solidcore] classes are very intimate, so you will be able to get help and attention from the instructors if any of the movements are confusing you.

October 24, 2023