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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Oct. 29

Thumbs Up:

  • Costume Core
    • Despite long having outgrown the Halloween trick-or-treating tradition, Boston College students continue to celebrate the holiday with a costume or two … or five. Whether you decided to dress up as a Disney princess, donned a onesie of your favorite cartoon character, went all out in embodying your best friend in costume, or planned an epic group costume, Halloween is honestly so freeing. It is a time to try on a new face and laugh with all your friends over your somewhat comical appearances. In fact, we at Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down would encourage you to wear your favorite costume to class this Halloween!
  • Library Nap Sessions
    • One highly underestimated form of rest for BC students during mid-semester busyness is the peace found in a library nap session. Regardless of if your nap is intentional, it can make for a refreshing power up before you continue to grind out your piles of unfinished work. So find your favorite library nap spot this week and claim it as your own! There are so many options available to you—including comfy armchairs near the windows of O’Neill, cubbies tucked away in the back of the library, and big tables to lay your head down in Bapst. No matter where you study, you can find a place where you feel comfortable hitting snooze. And please, if you aren’t a library-napper, don’t judge your exhausted friends when they need a quick library power rest.

Thumbs Down:

  • Seasonal Sadness
    • After this weekend’s beautiful weather, it seems seasonal change has finally hit for real. The newly piercing cold appears to be a consistent theme for the coming weeks, indicating the beginning of the winter season. For some, the promise of white flurries is a joyful thought, but for others, the impending longer nights and colder walks bring feelings of sadness. Try to find ways to warm your heart as we move into this season—from your favorite hot beverage to your coziest sweater to a kind hug from a loving friend.
  • Tomforkery
    • BC dining halls offer different meals to students every night, but one element of each facility remains frustratingly the same: At peak hours, there are no forks to be seen! Even if you’re willing to downgrade to utensils of plastic (as opposed to utensils of steel), BC Dining’s coffers are often empty from the hours of 6 to 7:30 p.m. We can excuse the mysterious water puddles and greasy leftover napkins on our tables, but when we can’t pierce our chicken, our first side, OR our second side with the force of a fork, we draw a line. So, BC Dining: Where is America’s favorite mealtime implement?
October 29, 2023