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Single Reviews: Beabadoobee and Laufey, THE DRIVER ERA, Tai Verdes

“A Night to Remember” by beabadoobee and Laufey

When one of the most prominent indie artists collaborates with one of the most prominent jazz artists of the current age, it is likely that the resulting song is going to be mesmerizing. 

“A Night to Remember,” the newest release by beabadoobee and Laufey, can be described as James Bond–esque. Laufey’s jazz expertise shines through behind the softly spoken lyrics. The listener is immersed in a mystery and intrigue that emulates spy flicks. 

Starting off with a slower, more stripped down and simpler instrumental background, the listener is drawn into the story as the swaying of jazz beats supports the alluring lyrics. 

“You touched my back / I took your hand / Somethin’ from your touch felt shockingly familiar,” beabadoobee sings.

The swell of strings leading into every chorus is enchanting, and the movement of the melody guides the listener through the rise and fall of a lustful encounter. 

This song is quite a shift for both artists—the song’s overarching sensual nature and mystic melody contrast the usual upbeat and uncomplicated nature that beabadoobee and Laufey ascribe to themselves. Still, the song plays on both of their strengths perfectly as their gentle singing styles layer onto the jazzy string-focused instrumentals to create a uniquely satisfying song. 

“A Night to Remember” is the type of song one can listen to on repeat without ever being tired of it, especially with regards to the story that underlines its great melody. Not only is the overall refrain of the song captivating, but the lyrics are written in a way in which they grow and form pictures of a loving encounter in the listener’s imagination. 

The description of a one-night encounter between two lovers laid over such a suave melody transforms this song into a combination of great storytelling and fascinating instrumentation that is worth a listen. 

“Rumors” by THE DRIVER ERA

THE DRIVER ERA’s newest single “Rumors” is the perfect lighthearted song to take one’s mind off midterms. Although there is not much lying beneath its simple lyrics and undemanding melody, its cheerful nature cannot help but make one smile. 

THE DRIVER ERA, a band composed of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, is often defined by its very modern, popular sound. Its melodies are often reminiscent of other alternative and indie bands such as Wallows or COIN.

“Rumors” fails to be a groundbreaking song, yet it still has an entertainment factor that makes it worth listening to. The faster paced instrumentals, when combined with quickly spoken lyrics, make “Rumors” a very straightforward song, not requiring much further thought besides precisely what is heard.

“I see you talkin’, keep it comin’ / Know you want it, ’cause you love it,” Ross sings.

The sunniness and repetitive structure of “Rumors,” both lyrically and melodically, makes listening to this song simply amusing. 

“Sunset” by Tai Verdes

Tai Verdes’ newest single “Sunset” is the ideal blend of a simple groove and relatable deeper meaning. 

Drawing from throwback soul roots and electrical instrumentation, the melody of this song easily could have come from decades ago. In other words, “Sunset” is a new playlist staple. 

What modernizes this song is Verdes’ lyricism. His clever construction of words form a profound message of trying to get out of your own head.

“I wish I could just walk on the sunset / Instead of bein’ down bad on my bed,” Verdes sings.

The meaning of this song could also be found in slower, moodier songs such as “Trapped in My Mind” by Kid Cudi, but “Sunset” still remains upbeat and simple. The track is clearly reminiscent of the rest of Verdes’ discography. His classic easygoing sound shines in this song, and the combination of a simplistic use of instruments and quick yet uncomplicated lyrics transports the listener to the warm weather of summertime. 

This song is a great listen: perfectly timeless and straightforward.

November 4, 2023