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PinkPantheress Solidifies Her Place in Pop With Her Debut Album ‘Heaven Knows’ while Exploring the Complexities of Fame and Romance


PinkPantheress makes it clear to listeners that her songs are more than just another viral TikTok sound on her debut album Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows provides fans with songs that are sonically familiar to her past work while exploring themes of anxiety and fame. Pantheress’ vocals are serene as she describes daunting scenarios that she faces both as a result of her newfound stardom and self imposed anxieties. 

The album’s opening track “Another Life” and a standout track later in the album “Ophelia” showcase the Pantheress’ lyrical ability as she conveys her relationship anxieties through metaphors of death. 

“So, tell me, what did I do to deserve you killin’ me this way?/I can’t lose my life like this, I’m still fighting/If I die, please, let them find me” Pantheress sings as she describes the pain of a relationship that is no longer working. She fights against the change that her relationship is imposing on her, expressing her anxiety that she will be left a ruined version of herself and the fear that no one around her will notice. 

PinkPantheress also broaches the subject of newfound fame in “Mosquito.” Pantheress, who first garnered attention through TikTok, does not shy away from describing the challenges of being in the public eye and the new responsibility of money. She struggles both with how to be responsible for her new wealth along with a newfound fear of losing it now that she has it. The song’s title is indicative of the way that Pantheress views the materialism that comes along with fame and how it has become an annoyance that is slowly taking away the part of herself that existed before stepping into the public eye. 

“Can I spend a fortune? ‘Cause I want to/ I know it’s appallin’ how I lose you/ Spendin’ every day that I want, the day that I want/What happened to me?” Pantheress addresses her money as if it were an individual, revealing to the audience how her wealth has become an obsession. She does not shy away from self criticism, that she has been changed by her sudden rise to fame. 

The album closes with “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” featuring Ice Spice. The track, which had garnered widespread popularity prior to the release of the album, details the struggles of being led on by a partner that doesn’t return the affection they are being shown. The track is a strong closing track, solidifying Pantheress as a figure in the pop domain. 

Ice Spice is not the only artist featured on Heaven Knows. Artists Rema, Central Cee, and Kelela make appearances on the track list. These additions provide the album with some of its best moments, with “Bury Me (feat. Kelela)” standing out as one of the most memorable tracks. Both PinkPantheress and Kelela’s voices blend seamlessly with the pop production, making for a perfect collaboration. 

While the lyricism is a high point on this album, the production falls flat. Each track features R&B/pop production that has a tendency to blend together. The tracks that fall in the middle of the album are negatively impacted by this, as it would not be hard for any listener not paying close attention to the album to forget about certain songs in their entirety. 

PinkPantheress successfully establishes her mainstream persona in Heaven Knows. With lyricism backed by dreamy production, the dark themes that span the album are presented as palatable to the listener. While the production does cause certain songs to bleed together, stand out songs make the listener excited for what the future holds for PinkPantheress.

November 12, 2023