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What ‘The Heights’ is Thankful For

Victor Stefanescu: The names that dot this page make up a crazy family that’ll laugh, scream, and cry together for years to come. I’ll always be grateful for them. Also, I’m thankful for my DNA family, the Midwest, Costco, my sister’s doggie, snow, and all the students who speak up for a better BC experience.

Catherine Dolan: This year, I’m thankful for being a senior and getting to see how much I and all my friends have grown over these past years. I’m thankful for getting to experience so many lasts and truly cherishing my final year at Boston College. Lastly, I’m thankful for running a half marathon, visiting Nashville, and all my super cool roommates.

Erin Shannon: I’m thankful for my crazy, supportive family, the calm moments strolling through BC’s campus, and every minute spent in 2150 with my wonderful roommates. And as my time with The Heights wraps up, I’m indescribably grateful for the memories I will carry with me—from YETI coolers to guac night to chaos-packed productions. 

Megan Gentile: I’m thankful for the O’Neill reading room, en dashes, and the chance to fill Alumni Stadium with music on Saturdays. I’m thankful for the countless memories and laughs I’ve shared in Mac 113 over the past three years. Most of all, I’m thankful for my health, loving family, supportive friends, and the people on The Heights that make BC home. 

Vikrum Singh: I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for late nights, study rooms, fresh espresso, and the community BC has given me. As I finish out my time on The Heights, I’m especially thankful for the incredibly talented and kind people I’ve met as a part of this newspaper over the past three years who have taught me so much.

Onur Toper: I’m thankful for my family, friends, Politico newsletters, Turkish tea, my BC education, and public servants everywhere who embody political courage. As I leave The Heights, I’m especially grateful for my fellow editors, whose dedication and friendship have brought a deep sense of purpose and joy to my time at BC that I’ll always carry with me. 

Natalie Arndt: I’m thankful for my loving family (mainly my dog), sunsets from my screened-in porch, my beautiful roommates, slow mornings, and of course, my 40-something lifelong friends on The Heights who have defined my BC experience. Words will never be able to express the love I have for my crazy, talented family in Mac 113. 

Graham Dietz: I am thankful for the environment that The Heights offers, especially for Jack, Luke and all of our sports staff, and my best friend Eliza. I am thankful for Eagle’s Deli, Cafe Mirror, Moogy’s, Johnny’s Luncheonette, El Pelón, Crazy Dough’s, Flat Breads, Dunkin’, and Chipotle for providing me with the best off-campus meals. I would not survive without them.

Erin Flaherty: I’m thankful for boygenius’ reunion, my green Converse, comfy sweaters, my amazing roommates who make Boston feel like home, and every Jersey Shore sunset I got to watch with my family this past summer. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for my second family in Mac 113—I can’t imagine who I’d be today without them all.

Connor Siemien: I am thankful for my irreplaceable friends, many of whom I wouldn’t have met without joining The Heights, and of course my endlessly loving family. I can’t imagine my time thus far at BC without these few years, and for that I will forever be indebted. Oh, and one last thing: Go birds.

Josie McNeill: This year, I am thankful for late night bubble tea runs (regardless of the quality), local live music, and Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins. But most importantly, I’m grateful for the friends I’ve grown closer to this year, my friends at the arts desk and everyone else on The Heights, and my family—especially Snowball. 

Tommy Roche: I am thankful for my family, my roommates, and windy, clear-skied, 48-degree days on Middle Campus. And, of course, I’m thankful for all the silly inside jokes, sarcastic elections pages, late night e-board sessions, and lifelong friends that have defined my two years on The Heights. I will never forget this. 

Eliza Hernandez: I’m thankful for the remarkable women in my family for showing me love, support, and strength. I’m so thankful for my best friend, Graham, and my roommates who make weekday nights in the living room better than anywhere else. And I am indescribably thankful for The Heights for being my home, my family, and my best two and a half years yet. 

Madelyn Lawlor: I am thankful for my family, friends, the holiday season, sports, and all my BC experiences. I’m grateful for seeing the Boston skyline from O’Neill, playing basketball at home as the sun goes down, and flying home into New York. And I am especially thankful for my incredible Heights family and every moment spent in Mac 113.

Nicole Vagra: I’m grateful for the free spin classes at the Plex, overpriced coffees from Hillside, and, of course, the Spinsters group chat. Additionally, I appreciate the sense of family I’ve cultivated within the Heights photography section and am sad to leave as a photography section leader, but I look forward to watching my successors continue to foster such a welcoming environment. 

Liz Schwab: I am thankful for my friends, my family, my dog, and everyone who I have met at BC. Of course, I am especially thankful for each person on The Heights. As I depart the board, I carry many amazing memories with me. 

Parker Leaf: I am thankful for my supportive and strong family, my loving friends, 1989 vault tracks, and my roommates who have the extraordinary ability to make a Walsh dorm feel like home. And, of course, I am so thankful to be a part of the welcoming and talented group of people that make up The Heights.

Paige Stein: This year I’m most grateful for my friends and family who never fail to have my back. I am also thankful for Noah Kahan, Starbucks’ sugar cookie latte, the football games I failed to attend, and my crusty white dog. And of course, I’m especially thankful for our Heights family. 

Isabella Pieretti: Screaming “Mr. Brightside,” sprinting to catch the bus, and having long conversations deep into the night remind me how lucky we are to call BC home. I’m thankful for a family that is my roots, friends I’ve grown alongside, and communities like The Heights that deepen your understanding, challenge you, and make you a part of something greater than yourself. 

Seeun Ahn: As my time on board comes to an end, I cannot thank the Heights enough for giving me people I will always admire. I am so proud to have been a part of this organization at BC and I cannot wait to see its future generations continue the great and important work that past editors have put in.

Sofia Laboy: I am thankful for the unwavering loyalty of my family and hometown friends, remaining unaffected by distance, whether it’s two miles or 2,000. I am thankful for the late nights spent on my apartment porch talking with roommates, for inappropriate jokes made at inappropriate times, for large mugs holding frothy cappuccinos, and for my fellow editors turned lifelong friends.

MC Claverie: I am thankful for Erin Shannon’s cosmopolitans, falling leaves, my Timberlands, and nights in 2150 watching The Vampire Diaries. I’m also thankful for my roommates, my friends, and my family who support me every day. Finally, I’m so thankful for The Heights and Mac 113—my forever second home, my safe space, my happy place. 

Jack Bergamini: I am thankful for Twitter, or X, for keeping me updated and connected during another year of BC sports, through the good and the bad. I’m also thankful for all my friends and family, and of course, The Heights, for an unforgettable 2.5 years.

Beth Verghese: I am thankful for the smell of Ella’s fall candle that welcomes me home everyday, for the excitement I get of knowing I get to eat dinner with my roommates every single night, for the steadfast support I feel from Charlie that keeps me going, and for The Heights, which provided me with the most meaningful and precious friendships.

Ella Song: I’m grateful for the love and support of my family, the comfort of my friends, and the food I get to share with my loved ones. I’m grateful for books and sunny autumn days, for every opportunity I get to learn and grow and laugh at college—including, of course, every minute I spend with The Heights

Sofia Torres: I am so grateful for my parents and my siblings. I am grateful for my roommates and friends who listen to me rant. I’m thankful for the arts section editors who have to listen to my weekend stories over production or breakfast. And I’m thankful for all the great music and movies that accompany my long walks and evenings. 

Meadow Vrtis: I am grateful for my loving family and friends, the joy found in a cup of tea and a cozy sweater, and the beautiful fall weather. And for long walks, deep talks, my smiling kiddos at work, and the ability to FaceTime loved ones. Finally, for two homes—BC and Northfield, Minn.—that bring me endless peace.

Chris Ticas: I am grateful for my family and friends for always being there for me. I’m thankful for being able to go out on runs, take photos, and to be surrounded with a staff that loves to do the same. I am also thankful for the groups and people on campus that have helped inspire me with their creativity.

Benjamin Haddad: I am grateful for my dogs and very grateful for my dawgs. My friends and family are what give me a purpose in my life and I cannot thank them enough for their support. It’s the people that you surround yourself with that have the most influence on you, and I’m thankful for the people (and dogs) in my life.

Elizabeth Dodman: I am so grateful for my loving family and friends for always supporting and encouraging me. I am also thankful for my roommates, the absolute best people to spend my time with at BC who never fail to make me laugh. Finally, I am grateful for my Heights family, who inspire me every day through their talent and creativity.

Karyl Clifford: This year I am grateful for ice cream, sunset beach drives, and my dog, Leo. I am also incredibly thankful for my parents, who have supported me through every step of life. Finally, I am so grateful for the many people at BC who have made this campus a home.  

Lucy Freeman: I am thankful for almond milk lattes, crisp fall weather, and the best friends and family a girl could ask for. I’m grateful for the chance to pursue all my passions at BC, and, of course, I am forever thankful for the walls of Mac 113, which house the crazy, funny, and talented Heights family.

Will Martino: I am thankful for being healthy and for having the kind of family and friends who pull me through the toughest times. I’m grateful for music, running, and the home I’ve found at The Heights this year. These days, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’m afforded at BC.

Luke Evans: This year I am very thankful for my friends, my family, and especially my dog Fenway. I am also thankful for the sports corner, where I have spent many cramped Sundays alongside Graham and Jack. Finally, I am thankful for all of the departing members of The Heights who have made my first year and half at BC unforgettable.

Spencer Steppe: This year, I am thankful for big sweaters, hot coffee, and New England fall. I am thankful for my younger siblings, whom I cannot wait to visit, and my family and friends back in Austin. I am also especially thankful for my fellow mag editors, Beth and Erin, and Erin’s delicious cinnamon roll blondie bars. 

Annie Ladd Reid: This year I’m extremely grateful for my awesome roommates, friends, and Heights family. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this board during my senior year and getting to know everyone. I’m also really grateful for Taylor Swift, good iced lattes, and my last year at Boston College.

Jack Weynand: I feel thankful for the many families that I find myself a part of. My family back in New York (shoutout Sammy the cat), my eight-man family, and of course my Heights family all mean so much to me. On a less serious note, I’m also thankful for the winter weather that’s coming. Cold > Hot.

Callie Oxford: I am so thankful for the amazing people in my life who support me through all of my endeavors, including my friends, family, and fantastic roommates, as well as my adorable dogs, Fitz and Chelsea. Additionally, I am incredibly thankful for the people in The Heights who have allowed me to further my passion for photography. 

Connor Kilgallon: I am thankful for three things. Firstly, I’m thankful for the copy couch for all the naps it has facilitated. Secondly, I’m thankful for the existence of saunas and ice baths, believing fully that they are the secret to life. And finally, I’m thankful for my friends and family for putting up with my crap with complete and utter grace.

Amy Palmer: Like Megan Gentile, I too am thankful for en dashes, and I’m also grateful for em dashes and hyphens. On a more serious note, I’m so thankful for the family I have found in The Heights, warm, sunny days, laughter, my mom, and my best friends. Most of all, I’m thankful for the oxford comma. 

Lyla Walsh: I’m thankful for my endlessly supportive long-distance family and friends and the cozy Chicago suburb I get to call home. I’m thankful for breakfasts in the Rat, colorful walks around the Res, and eight-man dance parties at the end of every long day. Most of all, I’m thankful for my BC family that shapes my wonderful college experience every day. 

Ernest Romero: This year I’m thankful for hot coffee, Gilmore Girls, and my dog, Berry. And of course, my amazing friends and family (especially from OLAA and The Heights) whom I love endlessly. Thank you for always standing by me in the worst and best times. I’m so grateful for everyone in my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Conor Richards: This year, I am especially thankful for my brother Sean, whose laughter and love will forever warm my heart, and for my family and friends, new and old, who have supported me through tough times. Writing from Ireland, I am thankful for brown bread, Guinness, Martin McDonagh, and Kerrygold butter. And, of course, I’m thankful for this wacky Heights family.

Matt Najemy: I am thankful for my caring friends and my loving family. I am thankful for finding a new home at BC and those at The Heights who helped to make my transition of schools seamless and comfortable by offering familiar faces and friendly smiles on campus. Lastly, I am thankful for the City of Boston—its food, sports, sights, and people—as well as the Cape, which I now call home. 

Ethan Ott: I am thankful for New York Times word games, iced black coffee from Eagle’s, Spotify analytics, guitar tutorials, the Giants, and my friends and family who put up with all of the above. As spring approaches, I am especially thankful for The Heights and all the friendships, experiences, and purpose it has added to my life over the last three years. 

November 19, 2023