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Boston College Buildings as Christmas Songs

During the holiday season at Boston College, you can barely go a few feet without hearing the echoes of a Christmas carol. From the dorms to the dining halls, from a cappella groups to your karaoke-obsessed roommate, BC knows the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

Now, imagine if BC buildings had their own Christmas carols. Move over Spotify wrapped! A new gift is in town, and it’s a summary of what each BC building’s Christmas song would be. 

Gasson Hall: “Silver Bells”

Quad sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed with students in style—a few Uggs, Boston Birks, and puffer coats—outside Gasson, there’s a feeling of Christmas. Wreaths with red bows dawn the doorways, the light of O’Neill Plaza’s Christmas tree reflects on Gasson’s shimmery stone, and the bells top it off by ringing in Christmas by the hour. Amid students laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile, on every corner of campus, you can hear Gasson’s silver bells. 

Devlin Hall: “The Christmas Song”

The quintessential Christmas song goes with the quintessential BC academic building. Every BC Eagle spends some time in Devlin Hall, whether visiting admissions, listening to a lecture in Devlin 008, or attending office hours at one of the many departments that call the building home. 

Stepping into the Devlin lobby at Christmas time feels like being serenaded by Nat King Cole. The admissions room is filled with poinsettias and greenery. It smells of Frasier fir and radiates peace through the chaos of students bouncing between classes. The only thing missing from Devlin is chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 

O’Neill Library: “Where Are You Christmas?”

Within the shelves and stacks of the library, Christmas feels worlds away. Students ask themselves, “Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you?” There’s no laughter and you can’t hear music playing—just students rearranging their study guides and papers. But within a few corners of the library, the holiday spirit peaks through. Look for the subtle Christmas trees and twinkling lights. Christmas spirit is near, even through the long days and late nights studying. 

The Quads: “Rockin‘ Around the Christmas Tree”

BC’s annual Christmas tree lighting perfectly emulates the Christmas party hop. The holiday spirit rings as students cluster together on O’Neill Plaza to sip hot chocolate, snap pics with Santa, and watch the campus Christmas tree light up for the season. You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear Father Leahy say, “Let there be light,” or a cappella voices singing, “Let’s be jolly.” Each time you pass by the tree, you can’t help but get the urge to start dancin’ merrily because you know you’re having a happy holiday.

Carney Hall: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

BC buildings are known for their exquisite gothic architecture, with shimmering stones, delicate stained glass windows, and towering heights. Nevertheless, a few exteriors are looking a bit rough these days, and Carney Hall tops that list. With its stark, rectangular form, unattractive windows, and chipped stone exterior, Carney doesn’t exude the same warmth and beauty as most other main campus buildings. This Christmas, Carney should ask for a renovation. You might say there’s no such thing as a future with Carney renovations, but as for me and grandpa, we believe a Christmas miracle is possible.

The Mods: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” 

You know Duschene and Chevy, 90 and Vandy, Walsh and 2k, Rubi and Iggy. But do you recall, the most famous BC dorm of all?

The Mods—those beloved temporary houses on Lower Campus—have a gleaming furnace box. If you ever saw them on gameday, you could say that their energy really glows, along with their bright red color. All of the other seniors (who don’t live in them) like to laugh and call them names, like “you don’t have a dishwasher or two desks.” But those who live there absolutely love them, and they shout with glee, “Oh the mods, you’ll go down in BC history!”

Lower: “What Christmas Means to Me”

With its stone fireplace, charming decor, and bustling crowds of students, Lower is a melting pot of BC. Every day, numerous students pass through, each with their own to-do lists, schedules, people to see, and places to be. Every student has their own story—every student has a different idea of what Christmas means to them. No matter the time of day, Christmas comes to life when everyone gets together in the dining hall.

The Million Dollar Stairs: “12 Days of Christmas” 

This song just keeps going on forever and ever—just like the hike up the Million Dollar Stairs! The first landing feels like the celebration of five golden rings until you remember there’s a good third of the stairs left to climb. Lucky for you, climbing the Million Dollar Stairs gives you enough time to listen to all 12 choruses before you reach the top, panting and out of breath. 

December 23, 2023