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Affection’s Aftermath: The Many Post-Valentine’s Day Moods of BC Students

Valentine’s Day is filled with love, heartache, budding relationships, and regret for letting the perfect one slip away. While the day has already come and gone, the Boston College campus is still buzzing with all of the feels.

I’ve noticed that BC students span an array of moods in the wake of their Feb. 14th festivities. Remember, no matter what category you fit into this year, we all have next year to hang on to. Here are the different types of BC students after Valentine’s Day!

On Cloud-9

If you found someone special to spend your Valentine’s Day with, congratulations! Most BC students are probably jealous of you right now. Valentine’s Day this year was cold, but your day was filled with love and warmth, and now you can’t stop smiling as you walk through the Quad. With any luck, you found your lifelong valentine and will continue to live in rom-com bliss—just make sure to leave some love for the rest of us!

Future Focused 

Now we have the optimists—the ones holding out for love like it’s their full-time job. For many of these folks, Valentine’s Day meant redownloading Tinder and swiping right with hopes of finding a big love story. Or maybe the holiday made you ready to level up your situationship and move things from casual to committed. Either way, you’re on the path to find your soulmate, and—hopefully—next year will be your year. 

Hindsight Remorse 

Of course, we can’t forget about those feeling a bit of post-Valentine’s Day regret. The classic case of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” is buzzing through campus right now. Perhaps you reached out to your BC Marriage Pact, and they ghosted you. Maybe you missed your chance with your campus crush. Maybe you even shot your shot with that gym crush in the Plex to no avail. So it didn’t work out … yet. Even if you are a little bit embarrassed, don’t be too bummed—more chances will come! 


If you have a case of the post-Valentine’s Day blues, don’t panic—I promise you aren’t the only one. Maybe you’re dealing with a breakup, or maybe the feeling of loneliness hit a little bit harder this year. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing the countless story posts likely took a toll, so try taking a scroll through Herrd instead. It’s sure to make you laugh. If you see a couple cuddling in McElroy, just keep your head up and let them be—your fairytale ending will come soon.

Content and Calm 

Finally, let’s not forget about those who are perfectly content with their Valentine’s Day situation—no matter what it may be. Whether you’re flying solo this year, having a little Galentine’s brunch, or enjoying pizza and beer with the guys at The Circle, I admire you for making the best of your situation. Clearly, you’re just a lover of life, and there’s no better way to be. Don’t let anyone ruin your serenity—the best things come when you least expect it!

No matter if you’re head over heels in love, watching a rom-com with a box of tissues, or just hanging out with your friends, remember that this is all part of the journey. I assure you, there’s plenty more love (and heartache) to come in your time at BC.

February 19, 2024