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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Feb. 18

Thumbs Up:

  • BC Performing Arts
    • From BCID’s “Eire’s Show” to SASA’s culture show, this past week has been jam-packed with performances from BC’s incredible arts groups. Sexual Chocolate’s 25th anniversary show drew an impressive crowd to Robsham, and campus is already filled with excitement for the much-anticipated ALC Showdown later this semester. We can hardly wait for the a cappella concerts, dance-offs, and culture shows to come!
  • Valentine’s Day
    • Last Wednesday marked one of the most controversial days of the year: Valentine’s Day. Whether your plans included a dinner date or a night in with friends, nobody can deny that love was in the air as candy-grams were delivered to dorm rooms and buckets overflowing with roses filled the quad. From pink and red garlands in eight-man windows to hearts adorning the library walls, Valentine’s Day is another excuse to deck out campus in decorations. Even if you don’t love Valentine’s Day itself, the half-off chocolates in the days following are certainly a perk nobody can resist.

Thumbs Down:

  • Marriage Pact
    • In the wake of Valentine’s Day and Marriage Pact match releases, love should be in the air. But, in a turn of events, it seems to be the complete opposite. After weeks of anticipating whether the names of class crushes would land in our inboxes on Monday night, campus seems to be filled with an overwhelming sense of disappointment post-Marriage Pact. While the algorithm might have favored a handful of us, an influx of outraged Herrd posts are enough to prove that Marriage Pact isn’t always the answer to love.
  • BC Dining
    • A month into second semester, we’ve reached the point where students are looking forward to two breaks: Spring Break and their break from dining hall dinners. Chicken and two sides gets old fast, and while BC Dining is trying its best to introduce new options, there’s only so much rice we can handle in a week. With threats to remove bottled drinks and never-ending lines during the 6 p.m. dinner rush, it’s safe to say that we could all use a few weeks away from the dining halls. All we can do now is hope that breakfast potatoes are awaiting us upon our return.
February 19, 2024