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What Your BC Dining Bottled Beverage Choice Says About You

A BC Dining meal is always made better by a reliable bottled drink—which hopefully you’re not stealing.

Like most, you probably go for the same thing each time you open one of those cluttered drink fridges. Here’s what your go-to bottled beverage says about you.

Core Power

She’s highly sought-after, controversial, and she is the moment. Snagging one of these speaks to your commitment to and enthusiasm toward attaining your goals, no matter how high the obstacles (or how steep the prices) are. Your groundbreaking courage can only be fueled by the hefty protein punch a Core Power provides.

Canada Dry Seltzer

The classy choice, if not the boring one. If you’re reaching for these, you like to keep things simple and clean. You probably could afford to stray from the norm a little more, but you are otherwise unproblematic and chill. Except if you’re nitpicky about whichever television static flavor you like—then you’re anything but.


Nothing compliments chicken and two sides like a bright-blue sports drink. If this is your pick, you are definitely an extravert. The electrolytes and syrupy sweet taste keep you raising your hand in class, even when no one else will.

Gold Peak Tea

This drink boasts a juice content of zero percent and a whole lot of sugar. If this is what you reach for, you probably preach great advice that you never apply to yourself. Maybe you encourage neatness but leave laundry sitting on your desk chair, or you advocate for good boundary-setting while letting people walk all over you. At the very least, you definitely endorse healthy living while chugging Gold Peaks with every meal. 

Fairlife Milk

A popular pick! With the extra protein boost and the clean-looking packaging, this drink is a people-pleaser, and so are you. You’re easygoing, agreeable, and you follow trends with a tardiness that makes you more conformist than cool. You’re clearly also susceptible to bottled-milk branding tactics.

Minute Maid Apple Juice

You’re literally five. Why are you drinking this? Freudian regression is not the appropriate response to the stress of being an undergraduate student.

Minute Maid Orange Juice

Spectacular, wonderful, breathtaking—you are a pillar of your community and an inspiration to us all, just like your chosen beverage.


This more nutrient-heavy sports drink is fun and sweet, just like you! You are constantly on the move with your academic, extracurricular, and social commitments, but you’re also down-to-earth and lovely to talk to. At times, you may think of yourself as more silly and quirky than you actually are—but don’t we all?

Hood Milk

No one is stealing this one. While often overlooked, the simplicity of this drink reflects a dairy-based tranquility that you may relate to. Your unassuming exterior hides a poignant depth and serenity.

February 21, 2024