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Unconventional Study Spots for Finals Season

It’s officially that time of the year. Marathon Monday and Showdown have come and gone, and as Modstock quickly approaches, anticipation is building for what looms around the corner. That’s right, Eagles—finals season is upon us. 

If you’re like me, nothing sounds worse than searching around the gloomy floors of O’Neill for a seat or rotting away in the confines of Bapst. Luckily, there is one way to spice up your study routine—utilizing one of my favorite unconventional study spots! These uncommon study sanctuaries are sure to get you out of your rut and locked in for exams.

A Bench at the Reservoir

Sometimes, all you need to complete that final paper is a change of scenery, and there’s no better place to spark a little inspiration than a bench on the Res. Admire the lapping water, do some people-watching, and crank out those last few pages accompanied by a breeze and some much-needed UV. 

Fuel America 

If you’re feeling the need to get off campus but don’t want to make the trek all the way into Boston, this option is perfect for you. A quick walk from 2K, Fuel America has exactly the right amount of separation from the “BC bubble” for you to really lock in. Grab an iced latte and live out your cafe study aesthetic dreams without straying far from home.

Boston Public Library

Why not turn your study day into a city adventure? Hop on the T to Copley Square and make your way to the Boston Public Library’s second floor. Here you’ll find Bates Hall, one of Boston’s most iconic attractions, sure to fulfill your Harry Potter Hogwarts fantasies. In a room of dead silence—besides the occasional snap of a photo—you’ll be sure to maximize productivity. Most importantly, all that hard work can be easily compensated by the array of sweet treats and shopping options on nearby Newbury Street. 

Gasson Commons 

Sometimes, the best things are right under our fingertips. We all have at least a few “Gasson grams” in our camera rolls or have spent time lounging outside on the Quad, but not many have taken advantage of Gasson Commons, the small library inside of Gasson Hall. As one of the most underutilized spaces on campus, this place has all the beauty of Bapst, more couches, and fewer people. Conveniently located, silent, and comfortable, Gasson Commons provides the ideal finals sanctuary. 

Stokes Classroom

The best way to learn is often to teach. Thankfully, the opportunity to play professor is right in front of you. The endless amount of empty classrooms on campus—fit with chalkboards and whiteboard for whatever diagrams or timelines you can concoct—are the place to be. Invite some friends, sprawl out all your materials, and rot in a Stokes classroom for a sure-to-be productive study day. 

The McMullen Museum of Art

Head on over to Brighton Campus to check out some art while getting work done right in the middle of the galleries. Make sure to pop into Cafe 129, located at 129 Lake Street, where you can make your own Mediterranean bowls and sandwiches all on your meal plan. With fuel and artistic inspiration, you are sure to have a fruitful and fun study session on Brighton Campus. 

Prayer Rooms 

Personally, the idea of leaving the comfort of my dorm at night seems less than appealing. Still, I can’t say I’ve ever had much succes getting work done from the comfort of my bed. Though the lounge is a suitable option, I much prefer the quiet solitude of a prayer and reflection room, where you can have a space all to yourself. Put on your PJ’s, order some DoorDash, and walk just a few steps to find the best little nook for a chill night of work.

April 28, 2024

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