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COLUMN: Introduction To Politics

By: Nate Fisher

Piles of fliers are being dragged down hallways around Lower Campus, and heaved into trash rooms engorged on this wasted paper. And the knocking, the I-swear-to-God if-it’s-another-one-of-them, the knocking quite literally hits home. UGBC election season is back.

Opinions, Column

COLUMN: A Different Kind Of Valentine’s Day

By: Kimberly Crowley

I’m not sure if all of my readers will feel the same way but, personally, Valentine’s Day seemed to be a much bigger deal this year. I was confused as to why Valentine’s Day had never felt this dramatic to me before this weekend. I started thinking of how I had spent Valentine’s Days past and, suddenly, had a flashback to something I had not thought about since high school. My Valentine’s Days were always special because I always had a Valentine, and he was my hero the other 364 days of the year.

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