Diversity Audit

Letter From the Editors 

Three years ago, The Heights initiated a commitment to transparency by introducing a diversity audit to display how accurately our board of editors represents the community it serves. Despite progress, this year’s audit underscores our ongoing challenge to fully represent the diversity of Boston College.

For the third year in a row, The Heights has grown as a space for LGBTQ+ student journalists. 12 board members identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or queer, compared to 10 last year.

In the midst of an election year, it’s particularly important for our student newspaper to be transparent about the political alignment of our members. Our political affiliation data shifted a fair amount from last year, with 20 members identifying themselves as independent, compared to 15 last year.

The Heights board also has a larger proportion of students in the youngest class year at BC. With 19 members from the Class of 2027, compared to 10 from the Class of 2026 last year, our board’s composition reflects a successful effort to recruit underclassmen.

Our data on race, ethnicity, and financial aid exemplifies how The Heights’ board still has a long way to go in becoming an inclusive space for students of all backgrounds. While a greater number of race and ethnicity groups are represented on this year’s board, it is glaringly evident that Black editors are entirely underrepresented.

Additionally, fewer students on this year’s board receive financial aid from the University. 27.2 percent of current board members receive financial aid, compared to 40.4 percent last year. By increasing our outreach to the Montserrat Office, we hope to improve our inclusion of students who receive financial aid.

Last year, The Heights also continued to cover diversity on campus, publishing content focused on religious diversity on campus, the history of LGBTQ+ resources at BC, and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. The 105th Board also published a special Black History Month print edition of The Heights and distributed copies around campus.

This February, The Heights plans to print another Black History Month special edition to highlight the Black leaders, students, and organizations that have shaped our campus. By increasing our outreach to the BAIC and Black student groups, and by pledging to donate profits from the edition’s ad revenue to the National Association of Black Journalists, we hope to improve our amplification of Black voices.

Expanding diversity initiatives is a priority for our 106th Board. As a result, this year we introduced an inaugural DEI Coordinator position. The DEI Coordinator is in charge of leading monthly DEI meetings with current and past board members. Alumni of The Heights bring professional experience in integrating DEI initiatives to our DEI board. These meetings focus on identifying proactive strategies for enhancing content diversity, fostering inclusivity in outreach initiatives, and guaranteeing financial accessibility for all members.

Anyone who would like to speak with us about this work can contact us at sofia.laboy@bcheights.com and erin.flaherty@bcheights.com


Sofia Laboy

Outreach and DEI Coordinator 

Erin Flaherty


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The Heights’ Diversity Audit 2022–2023

The Heights is committed to increasing the diversity of our staff and our reporting. If you have any suggestions for our improvement in this area, please share them with us using this form.