The Heights

Boston College’s independent student newspaper


Established 1919 


Contact Information:

The Heights, Inc.

113 McElroy Commons

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Phone: (617) 552-2221

Fax: (617) 552-1753

2015 Editorial Board


John Wiley

 Chris Stadtler

General Manager
Maggie Powers

Managing Editor


Maggie Sullivan

Copy Editor

Julie Orenstein

A1 Editor

Carolyn Freeman

News Editor

Michael Sullivan

Sports Editor

Corinne Duffy

Features Editor

Ryan Dowd

Arts Editor

Bennet Johnson

Metro Editor

Ryan Daly

Opinions Editor

Drew Hoo

Photography Editor

Joy Lee

Layout Editor

Breck Wills

Graphics Editor

Alex Fairchild

Online Manager

Associate & Assistant Editors

Alec Greaney

Associate Copy Editor

Archer Parquette

Assistant Copy Editor

Arielle Cedeno

Associate News Editor

Gus Merrell

Assistant News Editor

Jack Stedman

Associate Sports Editor

Tom DeVoto

Assistant Sports Editor

Mujtaba Syed

Assistant Features Editor

Chris Fuller

Associate Arts Editor

Summer Lin

Assistant Arts Editor

Sarah Moore

Assistant Metro Editor

Daniella Fasciano

Assistant Photo Editor

Keaton McAuliffe

Assistant Layout Editor

Francisco Ruela

Assistant Graphics Editor

Juan Olavarria

Editorial Assistant

Business & Operations

Jordan Pentaleri

Business Manager

Jessica Turkmany

Advertising Manager

Kayla Famolare

Outreach Coordinator

Donny Wang

Systems Manager

Zach Wilner

On-Campus Ads Manager

Madeleine Loosbrock

Account Manager

Jack Powers

Account Manager

Evan Gatti

Collections Manager

Russell Puleo

Project Coordinator


Editorial Office


Phone: (617) 552-2223



Managing Editor

Phone: (617) 552-4286


Business Office

General Manager

Phone: (617) 552-0169



Advertising Manager

Phone: (617) 552-2220


Copy Phone: (617) 552-2221 Email:

Business Phone: (617) 552-0547 Email:

News Phone:(617) 552-0172 Email:

Collections Phone: (617) 552-0547 Email:

Sports Phone:(617) 552-0189 Email:

Classifieds Phone: (617) 552-0364 Email:

Features Phone:(617) 552-3548 Email:

Distribution Phone: (617) 552-0364 Email:

Arts & Review Phone:(617) 552-0515 Email:

Alumni Outreach Phone: (617) 552-0169 Email:

Metro Phone:(617) 552-3548 Email:

Opinions Phone:(617) 552-0172 Email:

Photography Phone:(617) 552-1022 Email:


Past Editorial Boards:

2015  2016