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Welcome to America’s Test Kitchen

Between a digital cooking school, two magazines, an 18-year-old publicly broadcasted television show, and upwards of 100 cookbooks, America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) could have exhausted the exploration of cooking innovation. But culinary creativity has found its home on the second floor of the Boston Design Building, located in the Seaport District. In ATK’s 25,000 square…

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Longfellow Bar Raises Bar Bites to New Heights

The goal for restaurants has always been to raise the bar, but for Longfellow Bar, they take the adage quite literally. Elevation of typical bar food and drinks, as well as physical elevation from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square, allow it to think outside the box—or the margarita glass. Longfellow Bar resides in…

Top 10 Things to Eat with BC Dining
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Top 10 Things to Eat with BC Dining

Ah, the first month of school. When that Boston College meal plan money is at its peak. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, how, oh how, will I ever spend it all? I have the perfect solution for you. Besides buying your meal plan-less friends lunch or dinner, here’s a list of the…

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