The 105th Board of The Heights

Catherine Dolan

General Manager

Erin Shannon

Managing Editor


Vikrum Singh

Visual Director

Natalie Arndt

News Editor

Graham Dietz

Sports Editor

Erin Flaherty

Magazine Editor

Connor Siemien

Newton Editor

Josie McNeill

Arts Editor

Tommy Roche

Opinions Editor

Eliza Hernandez

Projects Editor

Madelyn Lawlor

Copy Chief

Nicole Vagra

Photo Editor

Parker Leaf

Graphics Editor

Paige Stein

Graphics Editor

Isabella Pieretti

Podcast Editor

Elizabeth Dodman

Assoc. Podcast Editor

Karyl Clifford

Asst. News Editor

Lucy Freeman

Asst. News Editor

Will Martino

Asst. News Editor

Spencer Steppe

Asst. Magazine Editor

Annie Ladd Reid

Asst. Newton Editor

Jack Weynand

Asst. Arts Editor

Callie Oxford

Asst. Photo Editor

Connor Kilgallon

Copy Editor

Amy Palmer

Copy Editor

Lyla Walsh

Copy Editor

Ernest Romero

Editorial Assistant