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Letter from the Editor

There are two plaques on the wall of the editor-in-chief’s office in The Heights’ newsroom that list every student who has ever led the paper. The plaques serve as a constant reminder of the history of this storied paper and the obligation that the current editors have to preserve this organization and its mission.

In order for the current board to fulfill its obligation to uphold the quest of this publication, The Heights will be ceasing its print operation at the conclusion of this academic year and will become an entirely digital newspaper beginning in the fall of 2021.

The Heights’ transition to a fully online newspaper is the culmination of years of work from past student boards, and it is an effort to remain ahead of emerging trends in student and professional journalism.

In recent years, the paper has scaled back its print production and expanded its online presence through newsletters, social media, and its website. Our new eEdition will be the cornerstone of our online presence while we will use the aforementioned media to continue to tell the stories of Boston College. The print edition has been the basis of our journalism for the last 102 years, but our online presence will be the foundation of the next 102.

Our new eEdition will include the same strong journalism and eye-catching layouts that The Heights has become known for in print. Now, the excellence of our print edition will be available to everyone, wherever they are, every Monday. We hope that you will subscribe to our eEditions to see for yourself what strong student journalism in the digital age looks like.

I am sure that this decision comes as a shock to some of our readers, alumni, and parents who have faithfully read The Heights for decades. I assure you that this decision was not made lightly and that we understand the impact this may have on members of our community. 

The days of copies of The Heights being strewn across tables in McElroy Commons or piled high in the corridors of Gasson Hall are in the past. The Heights must now look to the future to ensure that it continues to be an institution of BC for the next generation of students.

The choice to discontinue our print edition is more than a financial or editorial decision. It is a commitment to the original mission of this paper: For a Greater Boston College. I am confident that this paper will endure, as its founders intended it to, for the next century due to the exceptional editors who come through this newsroom and the courageous decisions they make. 

The first editorial ever penned in The Heights stated that “optimism will prevail in its editorial rooms.” A lot has changed in the century since that editorial was written, but the optimism in our office in McElroy Commons has remained the same—even now as The Heights is set to stop printing.

The decision to cease printing was not one made by a board hamstrung by the decline of print newspapers and struggling to function. It was a decision made by a group of idealistic student journalists who believe in the power of student journalism and are committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that independent journalism is alive and well on the campus of BC for years to come.

Although an undeniably dramatic change to our operations, the current student editors are not dejected by our transition. Instead, we are excited by the opportunities available to us in this next chapter. We hope that no matter how sad you are to see our print edition go, you will join us in the optimism and excitement we have for the future. 

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has read, donated, and sent messages of support to us over the last century. We hope you will continue to support us in what promises to be an exciting time.

The board and I are looking forward to this next phase for The Heights, and I hope you are as well.


Owen Fahy