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Acoustics Dress Down for Pajama Party-Themed Show ‘Acapillowfight’

Wearing their coziest pajamas on Saturday night for their “Acapillowfight” Cafe, the performers of the Boston College Acoustics looked like they were ready for bed-their energetic two-hour performance, however, proved otherwise.

The group was animated and wide-awake, as it sang a collection of 21 a cappella songs for an audience of friends and fans thrilled to be a part of the Acoustics’ musical slumber party. Some people in the crowd even dressed for the occasion, sporting their favorite plaid PJ pants, nightgowns, and bathrobes.

Upperclassmen and freshmen soloed on their own songs throughout the evening. Each member of the group demonstrated his or her personal style and range, but the group as a whole demonstrated how well it is able to blend their unique voices together, too.

After a number of strong opening performances, Marie McGrath, A&S ’14, finished the first half of the show with a soulful delivery of ZZ Ward’s “Put The Gun Down.” Because she was turning 22 that night, the group surprised McGrath by singing their very own version of “Happy Birthday” for her. It was one of the few times that song ever sounded good-a testament not only to the group’s skill, but also to how close the members are with each other.

Other strong upperclassmen solos of the cafe included “Set Fire to the Rain,” by Danielle Para, LSOE ’15, and “Dream On,” by fan favorite Elliot Smith, A&S ’14. The audience even started a room-wide chant of Smith’s name after his song and at other points throughout the evening.

Junior Zubair Panjwani wrapped up the night with a crowd-pleasing blend of Justin Timberlake songs, starting off with “That Girl” and “Rock Your Body” and ending with “Mirrors.” Panjwani, clad in a star-spangled onesie, successfully channeled his inner JT. His smooth voice and nearly flawless falsetto had the room clapping along as he jammed out.

While the songs performed by the older members were some of the strongest, those presented by the first year Acoustics singers showed sure signs of promise as well. Notable “Baby Projects” included those by Scottish exchange student Jack McLuckie, BC ’15, Matt Michienzie, A&S ’17, and Liv Lynch, A&S ’17.

The 19 person-singing group displayed not only its vocal talents by debuting both new song arrangements and freshmen members, but also its quirky personality by presenting a pair of comical skits that had Cushing 001 roaring with laughter.

Exciting and dynamic, the Acoustics’ charisma shined brightly in every feature of its cafe-its boy band medley project, its Frozen mash-up project, and its rendition of Fun.’s hit “Some Nights” were definite highlights of the show, demonstrating the group’s vocal versatility, silly but cool charm, and overall zest for their group and for a cappella.


March 23, 2014