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April 14 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

Brighton Campus – Sometimes, we think that this part of Boston College’s campus does not get the love it deserves. On this past beautiful, sunny Saturday, we took a brief foray onto those wonderfully green grounds, and the campus was mostly deserted. Sure, there were a few groups of students here and there, but in terms of the amount of space, it was nothing. With such verdant pastures and rolling hills, we cannot understand why more students wouldn’t want to spend the first warm weekend day frolicking upon the meadows there.

Shorts – We had almost forgotten what it felt like to bare our legs in the sun-it has been so long. It is a truly remarkable occasion when one can open one’s shorts drawer for the first time in many months, and we had the joy of doing so on Saturday. After all, what other attire is appropriate for gallivanting around Brighton Campus?

Professors Who Take Class Outside – Almost as predictable as salmon pants and KanJam on the Quad, the arrival of spring also brings beg-your-professor-to-take-you-outside-for-class season. Huge Thumbs Up to the professors who give in to these whines from their students. Not only do you become infinitely cooler in our eyes, but also, for some inexplicable reason, the material is more interesting against a backdrop of grass and daffodils. Plus, we kind of love fulfilling the #socollege fantasies sold to us by admissions pamphlets.

MacBook Extension Cords – God bless Apple and its infinite wisdom. The inclusion of the optional extension cord with every laptop makes using your computer almost anywhere with a plug possible. This is especially appealing to students who happen to go to an older university with incredibly inconvenient outlets. Oh, is the outlet three tables away in the Rat? Don’t worry-your extension can reach that. The other side of the aisle in Bapst? Yeah, your extension can reach that, too. Now, if only they made a version that wouldn’t trip everyone who passed….

Thumbs Down

Rain On Admitted Eagle Day – As a general principle, we are opposed to rain on any day of the week-we don’t like it on Wednesdays just as much as we don’t like it on Saturdays. There are, however, a few days of the year in which we find the rain particularly disagreeable. Yesterday was one of those days-it was admitted students’ day on the Heights. As most of the visiting students have not yet made up their minds regarding what college they will attend after they graduate high school, it is imperative that they leave with a positive memory of the University. Unfortunately, factors such as the weather often play a role in forming the feel that a prospective student has of a campus. While prospective students should be aware of what the general weather patterns are in the various climates of the schools between which they are choosing, that does not mean that a particularly bad weather experience on a campus won’t be unduly weighted when students are making their decisions.


April 13, 2014