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Catey Shaw’s ‘Human Contact,’ Plus More Singles This Week

Catey Shaw, “Human Contact”
 5 Stars

This upbeat song covers what every fighting couple has wanted to say to each other at some point or another. Shaw reminds us to let it all go and enjoy the love we share—essentially, skip the fighting and fast-forward to the makeup sex. She makes it all sound so catchy, too.

Vance Joy, “Georgia”

This song sounds like it should be playing in the background of the movie that is your life. Sweet, subtle, thought-provoking—no surprise coming from Vance Joy. With a beat that steadily rises and falls, soft acoustic, and mesmerizing lyrics, this is definitely a good one.

Sway Clarke II and Tink, “Secret Garden”
1 Star

This mess sounds like techno music mixed with “Hot Cross Buns.” It feels like an eternity, even though it’s only three minutes. The worst part is the fact that the chorus is so catchy, it could stick around for a very long time.

Featured Image Courtesy of Lefthook Entertainment

September 10, 2014