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The 1975 Brings It Back To Puberty For ‘Heart Out’ Video

The 1975 has been releasing videos for tracks off its self-titled album since September 2013. Hailing from Manchester, England—and with successful hits like the ever-popular “Chocolate”—The 1975 is becoming a more recognized indie-rock group with a growing fan base.  On Monday, the band released a finale of sorts: a music video for “Heart Out,” the final single off The 1975.

The video begins in a bizarre, awkward fashion. As soon as it starts, the viewer is immediately transported to a middle school talent show. As one might expect from such an event, it all begins with a weird dance performance by three girls with little rhythm and poor posture. Then, the show really gets started.

Receiving horrified stares from parents and adults in attendance, a group of young boys, introduced as The 1975, arrives at the stage to perform “Heart Out.” The video comes to life through the excitement of a group of little kids (one of whom was the lead singer’s own brother) appearing in the show. The whole scene is put through the lens of their lofty dreams of becoming rock stars. The kids perform the song in a cool, casual demeanor, and they don’t seem to get distracted by the out-of-place spotlights, fog machines, and falling sparklers. Clearly unfazed by the fact that they’re performing in a middle school auditorium, this version of The 1975 is everything a good rock group should be. The band is excited about the music and does not care what the audience thinks of  it.

If anything, the appeal of the “Heart Out” video comes from the great music The 1975 is producing—and the youthful, almost naive excitement with which the prepubescent representation of the band performs it. It’s unique and a little bit weird, but that makes the whole ordeal that much more refreshing.

September 10, 2014