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Pharrell Shows Off Artistic Side With “It Girl” Video

Several months after the release of his latest album Girl, Pharrell Williams drops an explosive music video for his melody “It Girl.” Combining a voluptuous, vivacious anime style with a throwback to 8-bit graphics and video games, “It Girl,” captures the tone and groove of its titular song excellently. In the video, Williams preaches about the power of his love is his “inspiration,” and then, how “her” being gone devastates him. Although there is nothing truly innovative in his message here, Williams’ art direction and bombardment of colors articulate his passion for this woman remarkably.

“It Girl” almost leaves itself no room to breathe. Every second is filled with a visual cacophony of anime and graffiti presented in multitudes of extravagant colors. Williams also has comical references to 8-bit, 2D platform gaming and more specifically, Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” video game. Although Williams’ lyrics focus on his special love, his video follows a group of scantily clad anime girls through their shenanigans on the beach and in space. Williams’ character might be particularly interested in only one of these girls, but the video’s depiction of the beach beauties as a whole could be construed as slightly obsessive or misogynistic, however innocent it may be.

Although it may not be as popular as “Happy” or, “Come Get It Bae,” “It Girl” exemplifies what Williams’ aesthetic can achieve. It’s a wonderful exhibition of his passion as an artist. “It Girl” is chock-full of flare, with a bombastic spectrum of color and imagery that fits well with Williams’ sound.

Featured Image Courtesy of Columbia Records

October 8, 2014