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For Both Cuisine And Art, The Beehive Buzzes

 The Beehive, co-owned by Boston College law grad Jennifer Epstein, has a lot to offer—including eclectic food options, handcrafted cocktails, and rotating art exhibitions—all while listening to Grammy-award winning music and enjoying the work of local artists.

Epstein had always had a passion and interest for arts and entertainment, but never imagined it would lead her down the path of restaurant owner. “I really enjoyed my time at BC Law and actually finished some of my legal education with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts,” she said. “I ultimately started my law career as an entertainment lawyer in NYC. Arts and entertainment were always an interest and focus of mine, but I did not connected it the restaurant business.”

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It was upon returning to Boston and moving in to the South End that the idea of The Beehive began to take form with the help of the Boston Center of the Arts (BCA), a not-for-profit where Epstein served as a board member. “The BCA was looking to find a place where arts and community could intersect,” Epstein said. After locating a restaurateur to manage the food operation, The Beehive was born. Although it was certainly a life shift for Epstein, the ability to incorporate her passion for art with a successful business made the change worthwhile. “It was a blend of my interests, a blend of partners with different expertise and it has turned out to be a very successful and fun adventure,” she said.

When one comes to The Beehive, it is important to remember that he or she is getting more than just a delicious plate of food, but also a multi-faceted entertainment experience. “Coming to The Beehive is more than just dinner or brunch,” Epstein said. “We like to refer to it as the ‘Beehive Experience’ because there are these three independent cultural parts of our business—culinary, music and art.”

In terms of the culinary cuisine at The Beehive, there is such a diversity of menu choices that everyone from the most adventurous eater to the traditional burger and fries guy will be happy. “Our food can be eclectic,” Epstein said. “We are the type of the place that may have an Eastern European dish on our menu next to a Middle Eastern dish, followed by regional Italian and then classic American fare.” One of these more diverse menu choices includes the Lamb and Chicken Moroccan couscous, served in a mouthwatering pot overflowing with stewed vegetables, couscous, and sausage.

For those operating on a strict budget, The Beehive offers customers a full evening experience of music and food.

“It certainly is a bigger bang for your buck when you are a college student in that you are getting food as well as a live music show as we do not charge a cover,” Epstein said.

While some of the dishes may be out of the college budget, the “Fall off the bone” baby back ribs for $14 or the Beehive Prime Burger for $17 may not seem like such outrageous splurges when one can then spend the whole night enjoying world class live music and taking in the art. Epstein also suggested that The Beehive could serve as the perfect place to bring one’s parents when they are in town so that they can get a taste of all that Boston’s culture has to offer.

Featured Image Courtesy of The Beehive

October 22, 2014