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OK Go’s ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ Music Video Lives Up To Title

This week, OK Go unleashed its brand new music video for “I Won’t Let You Down,” a celebrated track coming off the alternative band’s recently released album Hungry Ghosts. Famous for its elaborate and ingenious music videos, OK Go keeps in style with “I Won’t Let You Down.” Combining an intricate dynamic with intricate visuals, “I Won’t Let You Down” offers a delightfully playful and unique experience with a level of thoughtfulness rarely found in today’s music videos.

OK Go goes to great lengths to keep with its popular aesthetic, with most frames in the video composed with perfect symmetry. Placing two-dimensional figures in three-dimensional landscapes, the video creates intrigue, building on the Chicago band’s long history in cinematography. Scooters take center stage in the video. Seeming to defy the laws of physics, the members of OK Go set out on the small, wheeled vehicles. The video brings in elements of drone photography, panning over terrifically vivacious landscapes, in keeping with the eccentric spirit of the band.

Although it might lack masterfully crafted lyrics—or much meaning at all, for that matter—“I Won’t Let You Down” provides a level of visual prowess uncommon among the musicians of today. The grandeur of the music would be enough, and paired with ambitious visuals, “I Won’t Let You Down” certainly lives up to its title, and builds upon OK Go’s music video legacy.

Featured Image Courtesy of Capitol Records

October 29, 2014