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Nanci Tessier Appointed First Vice Provost For Enrollment Management

Nanci Tessier, BC ’82, was named the first Vice Provost for Enrollment Management at Boston College on Dec. 4, a new position responsible for leading all aspects of undergraduate enrollment. As the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Tessier will work with the provost and the deans of all the schools to provide the University with accurate admission projections. Tessier will start working at BC next year.

Tessier’s undergraduate experience at BC had a lasting impact on her career, with much of her professional life spent in higher education.

“My Boston College education taught me not only to think with a mind honed by a liberal arts education, but to use sound judgment based on an ethical foundation shaped by the Jesuit and Catholic intellectual tradition,” Tessier said.

Tessier first became interested in working in admissions during her freshman year when she was involved with the University’s undergraduate admission office. She began as a work-study student giving tours on campus and eventually became an interviewer who spoke to prospective students about their interest in the University.

“I was fortunate to be mentored by admission officers who encouraged me to consider admissions as a profession,” Tessier said.

Tessier will supervise a staff of 105 individuals in the Enrollment Management division at BC. One of the primary goals of the Enrollment Management is to find students who will be a “good fit” for the University.

“When a student is a good match for the institution that means they are likely to take full advantage of the opportunities available, that they will contribute in meaningful ways to the campus community, and will be retained and eventually graduate,” Tessier said.

Tessier has an optimistic view of university rankings, believing that the University’s ranking is driven by the work of undergraduates.

“My belief is that an institution should always do its very best to provide an extraordinary educational experience to undergraduates and if the rankings improve as a result of others recognizing that good work, well, that’s terrific,” she said.

Tessier has worked at several colleges and universities including Saint Anselm College, University of Richmond, and Rochester Institute of Technology. For the last seven years, Tessier has been the Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Richmond.

“Nanci Tessier has proven to be an imaginative leader who has helped a range of institutions to strengthen their abilities to attract and retain more talented and more diverse student bodies,” said David Quigley, provost and dean of faculties.

Tessier believes the key to working in admissions is to identify with the mission of the college or university.

“While each institution has had a distinct mission and has served different populations, every place that I have had the privilege to represent has offered a wonderful educational experience for students,” Tessier said.

One of Tessier’s favorite things about working in admissions is recruiting, enrolling, and retaining students by telling them the true story of the University. Tessier appreciates the fact that her job allows her to feel connected to the BC community.

“It’s important for me to get to know the Boston College community—students, the deans, faculty, staff, Jesuits, and alumni,” Tessier said.

Quigley has expressed his excitement on the hiring of Tessier.

“We’re in a strong position as a university and I’m hopeful that [she] will enable us to build forward in a creative and strategic way as we work to attract the very best students to BC,” Quigley said.

Featured Image by Gordon Schmidt / University of Richmond Communications

December 10, 2014