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TU/TD: Welcome Back, Spring Breakers

 Thumbs Up

Warm Weather – The weather at this place—it changes on the turn of a dime. We left, and it was bitter and snowy with grey skies. We come back, and it’s warm and clear with baby blue skies. By the time you read this tomorrow (knowing that the dime can easily turn back), we might be in the middle of another torrential blizzard—but, at the moment, it’s something closer to shorts and t-shirt weather. And there’s still snow on the ground. Advice? Enjoy this stuff while it lasts. Boston only gets so many days like this a year.

Less Work – The week before Spring Break was like an M. Night Shyamalan movie—poorly planned and even more poorly executed. With the papers, midterms, and job interviews that you had to go on, you kept wondering whether that trip to Mexico was actually going to happen, or if it was some fantasy that you had invented to make yourself feel better about the present situation. But, alas, you got through it. Not only that, but you got through Spring Break unscathed, and you came back to Boston College to discover a continued lull. There’s not really much to do, at least for the next two weeks or so. So you’re sitting back, enjoying the warm weather, and wondering why everyone else is freaking out so much.

Tans – Not only were you able to convince your parents to let you go off to a destination hotspot, but you also managed to get a little darker. (You didn’t even have to skip the sunscreen entirely, that’s how good you are at getting some color.) For some reason, this just makes you feel better about things. Go ahead, walk around with your head high. You earned it, champ.


Thumbs Down

Tans – Not only were you able to convince your parents to let you go off to a destination hotspot, but you got tan, and you know that everyone knows it, and you’re walkin‘ around like you own the whole damn places, so do the rest of us a favor and sit down, because you look like a pompous a—hole, jerk.

More Work – Less work after Spring Break? That’s a joke, right? Listen, we don’t even have time to read this right now because we should be locking ourselves in Bapst with a pillow and without a cell phone so we won’t get distracted and so we might catch a comfortable nap sometime over the next 72 straight hours studying. See ya.

Laundry – After being home for a week and realizing how easy it used to be for you, you have to adjust, once again, to the laundry hassle. Is this washer broken? How much money? Are they trying to kill me? Great, the washer didn’t drain and all of my clothes are just sitting in a puddle. Great, the drier broke. Maybe one more cycle. Maybe one more cycle. Maybe one—fine, I’ll air dry the damn things! Before you know it, it’s four hours later, and you still don’t have any clean underwear for the next day.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor


March 11, 2015

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