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Clinton Kelly To Return To Alma Mater, Talks Careers

Clinton Kelly, BC ’91, from What Not to Wear will be coming to Boston College this Friday. But, instead of rehauling a student’s wardrobe, he will share some insight into how his career has changed and developed since graduating from BC.

Kelly’s speech will be the first of several in the Careers Reimagined series led by the Career Services office. Two to three alumni will participate over the 2015-16 school year.

“The purpose of Careers Reimagined is to offer students the opportunity to learn from alumni who have crafted unique and significant careers,” said Joseph Du Pont, associate vice president of student affairs.

After graduating from BC in 1991, Kelly went on to receive his master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Before hosting ABC’s The Chew and TLC’s What Not to Wear, Kelly worked as a magazine editor and freelance writer in New York City. He also wrote two books—The Chew: What’s for Dinner? and Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget—and is currently writing for a monthly column for Women’s Day Magazine.

While Kelly’s journey mostly focuses on journalism and television, the series will host different alumni with various careers.

“The alumni speakers will come from diverse fields but one thing they will have in common is that they chose a path they could not have imagined for themselves when they were students,” Du Pont said. “They will also have demonstrated discipline, resiliency, imagination, and alertness to opportunity, which we believe are characteristics young men and women require in today’s job market.”

He also stressed the importance of students understanding that career paths change throughout the course of one’s life.

“On one level, we all crave direction and sometimes even want someone to tell us what to do,” Du Pont said. “These can be good things, but in reality, the best outcomes are often reached when students are also open to new opportunities and experiences without knowing where they may lead. Kelly and other speakers in this series will share stories that relate to this theme, and how they took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves along the way.”

Featured Image by Alex Trautwig / Heights Senior Staff

October 21, 2015