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UGBC Releases Survey to Gauge Effectiveness

The Undergraduate Government of Boston College has released a survey to the student body asking for feedback on the effectiveness of UGBC and the quality of student engagement.

The survey was created by UGBC’s Outreach Committee and sent to students via their BC email account.

The 10-question poll asks questions relating to personal information like gender, ethnicity, and the respondents’ academic interests. Students’ responses are completely anonymous.

UGBC asked whether students think the organization actively addresses issues of race, disability, religious ideology, and gender identity on campus. The survey also asked whether UGBC facilitates the development of student clubs and organizations.

A large portion of the survey also focused on whether UGBC effectively communicates its initiatives and goals to the student body.

UGBC is also offering a short follow-up interview with members of UGBC to further discuss issues on a more personal level.

Students who take the survey are automatically eligible to win a $150 Uber gift card, and those who conduct an interview after are able to win an El Pelon or White Mountain gift card.

UGBC plans to use the data gathered from the survey to more effectively address student concerns on campus, said Russell Simons, UGBC president and MCAS ’17.

October 27, 2016