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Vicetone, Bruno Mars, and Chainsmokers in Singles this Week

“Setting Fires” by Chainsmokers


“Setting Fires” ignites an impassioned defiance of a one-sided relationship through a coalition of pop and indie vibrations. The Chainsmokers’ new release joins the ranks of “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” in their EP Collage and follows a trend of contagious dance beats. Vibrant techno sound-mixing and XYLO’s glassy vocals electrify the poignant lyrics of “Setting Fires,” producing another hit for the in-vogue DJ duo.

“Versace on the Floor”- Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars ventures into the realm of the ’90s in his new single “Versace on the Floor,” revitalizing the framework of dance-pop with a sensual twist. Mars’s light yet velvety voice, joined by a frisky keyboard, produces a swanky kind of ballad that will leave you wanting more.

“Kaleidoscope”- Vicetone ft. Grace Grundy


“Kaleidoscope” meshes surreal starkness with an addictive EDM sound to create a colorful hit. Grace Grundy’s whimsical, and at times haunting, voice upholds chimerical lyrics effortlessly, and the building transition from initially light piano chords to a thrilling beat drop ensures that Vicetone has produced the newest club jam.

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November 10, 2016