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Daya Delivers Electric Set on Stokes Lawn

Kicking off the annual Boston College concert series, Daya performed on Stokes Lawn Saturday for the third annual Stokes Set. Originally from Pennsylvania, Daya debuted her first single “Hide Away” in 2015 and has made a name for herself featured on tracks by The Chainsmokers, Gryffin, Illenium and RL Grime. Students gathered on the lawn for what was quite an electric night. When the artist was announced, many on campus felt that she might have been a better choice a few years ago. This trepidation was misplaced, however, as Daya put on a stellar performance that was enjoyable and worthwhile no matter the year.

Complete with lights and a routine consisting of dancing effortlessly around the stage, Daya began her performance by spreading positive vibes through the crowd and got the crowd of students ready to dance through the night. The first song that really made the crowd come alive was “New.” The beat electrified the stage and traveled through the crowd. This building climax worked to get everyone standing on Stokes lawn. The lights that accompanied the drop lit up the crowd. As the beat dropped and the lights flashed on, everyone in the crowd screamed with awe and excitement.

When Daya performed her first single “Hide Away,” it was as if everyone in the crowd already knew the lyrics. The energy emanating from Daya and from her fans was palpable. Each sang the song to each other, Daya to her fans and her fans to the artist on stage. Watching people get really into the performance made the atmosphere of the concert that much better. Daya’s performance allowed for easy engagement—the artist has the ability to keep the crowd on her side. From her emotional deliveries to dances, she gave nothing short of an exceptional performance.

Seeing Daya perform her features with major EDM producers was a unique and special aspect of her concert— it was as if she had crafted this concert specifically for the BC students who came out to watch. But this was especially the case for those who love the style of Gryffin and Illenium. Watching the light show outdoors and on campus was an experience that can, by nature, only happen on rare occasions.

After exiting the stage to cheers and applause, Daya returned for an encore playing “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers. Not only did she absolutely nail the performance, but every single person in the crowd erupted in harmony with her as she performed on stage. It was impossible not to have fun during the concert and during the encore because everyone around was able to just let loose and enjoy the show.

Featured Image by Kaitlin Meeks / Heights Editor

September 16, 2018