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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of Sept. 24

Thumbs Up:

  • Club Culture
    • At Boston College, our communities revolve around clubs and activities. Four weeks into the semester, students are starting to feel comfortable in the organizations they chose. From volunteer organizations to culture clubs to dance groups, many underclassmen have found a group to call home, and upperclassmen have become even more established in their leadership positions. Now we can truly start to get to know the people around us and form meaningful one-on-one relationships. There are a lot of Eagles with incredible stories to tell both in and out of our chosen communities—so look around and start getting to really know one another!
  • COIN Worth All the Coins
    • Don your raincoats and trudge to Stokes Lawn … for a great concert! For students disappointed with the performances of years past, COIN was a refreshing surprise. The rocking group seemed excited to be at BC and had students let all their worries go under the rainy skies. From fighting over apples that lead singer Chase Lawrence threw into the crowd to dancing and singing the night away, we can’t “Talk Too Much” about this one.

Thumbs Down:

  • Study Abroad Fever
    • For students with friends studying abroad right now, jealousy is hitting hard. Not only do we miss the people who have been a stable part of our lives at BC, but the photos currently filling our Instagram feeds make us wish that we were with them now more than ever. From friends traveling to Oktoberfest to those booking day-of flights to the beach, our friends abroad seem to be living their best lives. To juniors studying abroad next semester—get on those visa forms! And sophomores, get on those applications! It will be your turn before you know it.
  • Is COVID-19 back at BC?
    • As if the impending midterms, career fairs, and student performances didn’t give us enough to worry about, students now seem to be facing the stress of COVID-19 all over again. You might have heard about a classmate or a friend testing positive in recent weeks. And although we’re vaccinated, the news of our friends needing to quarantine is worrying. So, make sure your boosters are up-to-date, deliver soup to your friends who find themselves sick, and continue to support one another as we fight COVID-19 once again.
September 24, 2023