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UGBC Confirms New Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

The Student Assembly (SA) of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College unanimously passed a confirmation vote to elect Araba Mantey, MCAS ’18, as its vice president of diversity and inclusion (VPDI) on Tuesday. Mantey could not attend the meeting, so the confirmation presentation was led by Akosua Achampong, UGBC president and MCAS ’18.

Mantey has previous experience in Diversity and Inclusion (DI), as well as Communications, both of the SA. She received 48.72% of a preliminary vote from DI, the largest share of the slate of applicants, and was approved by the Achampong and Tt King, UGBC executive vice president and MCAS ‘18, for confirmation.

Josh Frazier was initially selected as VPDI in the spring, but after he decided to leave BC this summer, Achampong and King had to reopen the application process and pick another VPDI.

Last year, Mantey was the manager of Diversity and Inclusion Programming of UGBC (DIP), and her accomplishments include strengthening AHANA Leadership Council’s (ALC) Showdown event. Under her leadership, ALC’s Showdown received 1,500 more attendees last year than the year before. Mantey’s new responsibilities include serving the AHANA Leadership Council, the GLBTQ Leadership Council, and the Council for Students with Disabilities.

During her presentation to the DI, Mantey discussed expanding the “I” of the DI, and wants to focus on the inclusion of students coming from low socio-economic backgrounds. She also wants to expand resources on campus for non-heterosexual victims of sexual assault, and will accomplish this by working with the Women’s Center and the Office of the Dean of Students.

Four other people applied for the position, but Achampong and King both believe that Mantey is the right person for the job because of her experience not only in DI, but also in the Communications Committee.

“We have always said that [being VPDI] has been about harnessing the power of perspective in other people’s voices,” Achampong said. “At the point where we thought all the candidates were amazing and could do the job, it was really important to us that she [already knows] who were constituents would be.”

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October 5, 2017