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The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar Consecrate Collaboration

Pray for Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – The Weeknd



At first sight, the appearance of both The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar on a song brings with it certain expectations. Fortunately, this song meets them with aplomb. The Weeknd’s vocals are as crisp and mellow as usual, helped greatly by an intriguing tribal-techno beat beneath them. Kendrick’s verse and flow add that slight edge that the track needs to balance itself out, creating a sting on the beat that creates a powerful rhythm. His verse mirrors that of The Weeknd, and together their emotional lyrics underline this track well. Despite such great aspects, the song overall slips into the mainstream a shade too easily, threatening to sink under the weight of the similarity around it. Thankfully, the talents of The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar are enough to steadily carry this track.




“Get Out” starts off with a classic synth forming a solid bassline, instantly ruined by an obnoxious clapping beat. In this new track off an upcoming album, CHVRCHES forgoes any sense of novelty and follows the worn path to its end. The vocals lack emotion to the point where it sounds metallic, with the usually incredible Mayberry instead sounding like a poorly copied recording of herself with “good intentions.” The insistence of the chorus and hook only remind the listener of how annoyingly repetitive the entire track sounds, turning the title of the track into a surprisingly compelling demand. After this release, one can only hope the upcoming album has better results, if perhaps not better intentions.

Never Tear Us Apart – Bishop Briggs



Bishop Briggs adds her newest single to the already prolific (and acclaimed) Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Although she takes no risks, by doing what she does best she executes the project well. Her bassline is funky yet hype, providing the perfect atmosphere for the track. Bishop’s passionate vocals may be familiar, but they still dominate the track in the best way, highlighting her incredible range and fitting the bassline well. There are definite moments of tension, and it’s easy to imagine this track being utilized well within Fifty Shades. The track is orchestral yet modern and could easily compliment any scene that requires some added intensity. The track’s familiarity would likely make it a song that few would dislike, but few would remember.

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February 4, 2018