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2150 Remains Last to Fill During Room Selection

In the fall of 2016, Boston College debuted its new 490-bed building at 2150 Commonwealth Ave., a dorm intended for upperclassmen. Since its construction, the building has not been as popular as other dorms during the housing selection process, particularly during the process of picking six-person apartments.

On Tuesday, the Class of 2019’s selection day for six-person groups, students had selected to live in all of the Mods, according to the Office of Residential Life Twitter account, before 5:45 p.m., with students saying all Mods were taken by about 5:30. By approximately 7:30 p.m., Ignacio Hall was full, and Rubenstein Hall was 50 percent occupied. In contrast, 2150 was only 10 percent full at that time. Selection for six-person apartments was coming to a close around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, and the last building to be filled was 2150.

On Wednesday, during selection for four-person apartments, 2150 was also among the last full. ResLife tweeted around 5:45 p.m. that Ignacio and Rubenstein were completely occupied. 2150 filled up after that, though ResLife did not tweet out exactly when.

Some students attribute the lack of enthusiasm for the dorm, especially in comparison to its older counterparts like Ignacio and Rubenstein, to its distance from campus and from the rest of the senior class. New renovations to certain apartments in Ignacio make the newly designed interior of 2150 less appealing to some rising seniors.

“It’s not surprising given that Iggy is newly renovated,” said Raj Singh, MCAS ’19. “I think that 2150 gets a reputation for being a little isolating, which may or may not be true. Also, the type of kid who’d pick 2150, possibly one who doesn’t want to host as many parties, probably turned people off by the idea of living there.”

Sean Kane, MCAS ’19, expressed a similar sentiment.

“It’s removed from every other senior, just like CoRo was, so I would rather live in housing that’s not as nice to be with all of my friends,” he said.

This reluctance to occupy 2150 was consistent in last year’s selection process as well. While all other six-person housing options were selected by approximately 8 p.m., six-person apartments in 2150 took about an hour longer to fill.

Though the hall is considered an on-campus living option, its distance from older and more traditionally popular dorms, such as the Mods and Ignacio Hall, has made the building less popular among rising seniors.

“I think the best part about sophomore year is that so many members of our class are really close by, so it makes BC seem smaller,” said Raj Singh, MCAS ’19. “Living in Iggy, Rubi, Vouté, or Gabelli does the same thing, plus they’re closer to class.”

Featured Image by Nicole Chan / Graphics Editor

March 15, 2018