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“Never Say Die,” “OKRA,” and More in New Singles

“Never Say Die” – CHVRCHES



Electronic pop group CHVRCHES delivered “Never Say Die,” off their upcoming third album, Love is Dead. The artists are known for their otherworldly, futuristic sound, complete with sparkling synths and danceable beats, and their new single brings that to the table. The lyrics detail a relationship on shaky ground, with at least one of the parties seeming to be unwilling to give up on it. Lauren Mayberry’s celestial vocals outline a laundry list of seemingly unrealized hopes, including “Weren’t you gonna be sorry and weren’t you gonna be pure?/ Weren’t we gonna be honest and weren’t we gonna be more?/ Didn’t you say that? Didn’t you say that?”The repeated inquiry, “Didn’t you say that?” is all over this song. Appearing after some idealized statement about changing for the better, the phrase develops an accusatory and bitter tone, and casts doubt onto the likelihood anything good will come of the situation. The tone of the song, however, retains an air of hope through its relentless calls to, “Never, never, never, ever never, ever, ever, say die.” Even though this emphatic belief is undercut by that echoing question, the uplifting, though saturated, quality of the electronic instrumentals keep the song from sounding despairing. The song’s formulaic structure relies on the typical, musically -stripped- back verses followed by a cliché ramp-up to the chorus. By the time the listener gets to the processed, electronic wash over the chorus, one can at least appreciate the sentiment of the song, even if its execution was a bit flat.

“OKRA” – Tyler, The Creator



Dropping the first track since the 2017 release of his fourth studio album, Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator’s “OKRA” embraces the gritty style of trap music. Opening with discordant piano notes before sinking into a dark, heavy bass, Tyler lets everyone know that he’s rolling in money now, and that he’s at the top of his game.

“I Was Never There” – The Weekend



On his new EP, My Dear Melancholy, The Weekend included “I Was Never There,” ion which the singer seems to have fallen into a depressive downward spiral after a bad breakup. The wailing, melting synth melody recurs as The Weekend’s typical emotive R&B sound delivers a track that fans will likely appreciate, but that for others may deem redundant.  


April 4, 2018