“There’s No Way,” “One More,” and More in New Singles
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“There’s No Way,” “One More,” and More in New Singles

“There’s No Way” – Lauv ft. Julia Michaels



The music video for “There’s No Way” portrays a supposed hidden romance between Lauv and Julia Michaels while on tour. The two share faux-candid flirtatious moments between sets—he awkwardly watches her while she sleeps, and they make uncomfortably long eye contact that feels forced and anything but romantic. Unfortunately, the complete lack of chemistry between the two in the video translates directly to the track: What tries to be a sweet song about wanting someone who you shouldn’t turns out to be a cloying, forgettable pop song with no distinguishing qualities whatsoever. The lyrics are bumbling, and the production is bland. There’s virtually no build-up to the chorus, which is too wordy to have much of an impact. This song was a waste of Michaels’ talent, whose career is up-and-coming at the moment, but not if she lends her unique vocals to tracks like “There’s No Way.”

“One More” – Yaeji



Yaeji is characteristically mellow on her latest track, but don’t be fooled. Backed by soft synths and a minimal beat, she is accusing, singing “I can fall and hurt and learn, but you don’t need to change a thing.” The rawness of these feelings is in sharp contrast with her coy, distant delivery and the groovy, house-influenced production, creating a subtly moody track best suited for a night dancing alone.

“Honey” – Robyn



As sweet and decadent as a drizzle of honey, this song is all about indulgence. Over pulsing layers of synths, Robyn preaches hedonism, singing seductively: “You’re not gonna get what you need, baby I have what you want.” With its lush, almost psychedelic lyrics and hypnotic melody, “Honey” is a true sugar rush.

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September 30, 2018
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