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Bostonians Meet Common Tones in Halloween Invitational

From start to finish, the Bostonians and the Common Tones brought their A-game Saturday night in their Halloween Invitational “Collab.” The two Boston College a cappella groups collaborated for this seasonal event. Meghan Gorman, MCAS ’20, of the Bostonians started off the night with an earth-shattering performance of Hamilton’s “Burn.”

Another highlight of the night came from Creel Cashin, MCAS ’21, making a debut performance with a powerful, singer-songwriter rendition of Madison Beer’s “Teenager in Love.”

Up next were the Common Tones with their three-song set. Starting us off was Dani Poulat, LSOE ’20, with her stellar performance of Sam Smith’s “One Last Time,” bringing the crowd to their feet and their jaws to the floor. Junior, Frankie Marrone, LSOE ’20, a Frank Ocean “sound-a-like” followed with a sultry delivery of Sean Mendes’ “Lost in Japan.”  

Olivia Constantino, one of two sophomores on the Common Tones, ended the set, belting out a fan favorite, Sia’s “Chandelier.” This is certainly a difficult song to perform, but Constantino rose to the challenge.

The Bostonians then returned with some more crowd favorites. Maverick Lydon Shay’s, CSON ’19, version of “You Don’t Do it for Me, Will Sutor’s, MCAS ’20, version of “Ophelia” by the Lumineers, and a monumental medley sung by Billy Connors, MCAS ’21, Lexi Kelly, LSOE ’19, Jamie Kweon, MCAS ’21, and freshman Zoe Behrakis, MCAS ’22.

Next, the audience was treated to a performance by the night’s special guest, Tuft’s SQ. Together they sang Koryn Hawthorne’s “Unstoppable” and Panic! At the Disco’s “Girls/Girls/Boys.” The BC crowd gave equal love and applause to our talented visitors. To round of the night, Michael Considine, MCAS ’21, turned the room into a Billy Joel concert with his debut of “Moving Out”—yet another showstopper from the Bostonians. And last but certainly not least, Kweon flaunted her crystal clear vocals with her version of “What You Don’t Do” originally sung by Lianne La Havas. And with that, an evening of astounding debuts, incredible covers, and a crowd who just could not get enough of a cappella drew to an end. It was the perfect show to kickstart day two of Halloweekend.

Featured Image by Heights Archives

October 28, 2018