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Class of 2022 is 33 Percent AHANA

Thirty-three percent of the Class of 2022 identifies as  AHANA+, according to statistics from a University release. International students make up 8 percent of the class. The acceptance rate was 28 percent, and yield held steady at 27 percent, consistent with past figures.

AHANA+ identification means African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and any other minority population on campus.

“We continue to compete with the best institutions in the country for the best students in the country,” Vice Provost for Enrollment Management John Mahoney said in a University press release. “It’s a challenge, obviously, but Boston College is experiencing such strong momentum in regards to our academic reputation, and the results are very encouraging.”

Thirty-one percent of the Class of 2021 identifies as AHANA. The Class of 2020 is 29.6 percent AHANA+. The Class of 2019 is 26 percent, and the Class of 2018 was 28 percent.  

Mahoney said in the release that he was encouraged that BC is succeeding in its efforts to become a more diverse university. In 1996, 20 percent of the freshman class identified as AHANA+.

“Our undergraduate admission staff has steadily increased its outreach throughout the world as well as the U.S., and will continue to build on that work,” Mahoney said in the release.

In terms of size, the Class of 2022 has a total of 2,327 students. The Class of 2021 has 2,412, while the Class of 2020 has 2,319.

Grant Gosselin, director of undergraduate admissions, said in the release that the Class of 2022 is one of the most talented and diverse classes ever enrolled. Combined SAT scores for the middle 50 percent of the class range from 1340 to 1480—the mean was 1392, according to the release. The middle 50 percent of ACT scores ranged from 31 to 34—the average was a 32.

Mahoney cited the renewal of the core curriculum and the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society as especially attractive aspects of BC in the eyes of high school students applying for admission. Mahoney also noted that information sessions on the core have been well-attended at admitted student sessions.

“When they visit BC, prospective students and their families hear how the University gives its graduates a versatility that positions them very effectively for an employment market that is transforming in unprecedented fashion,” he said in the release.

Featured Graphic by Nicole Chan / Heights Editor

October 28, 2018