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IEW Photo Exhibit Incorporates Global Perspectives

The IEW Photo Exhibit opened in the student gallery on the first floor of O’Neill Library to celebrate International Education Week, which celebrates the benefits of an international education and the exchange of cultures. Sponsored by the Office of International Students and Scholars and the Boston College Libraries, the IEW Photo Exhibit showcases photographs best fitting the theme of IEW—which will be celebrated from Nov. 12 to Nov. 16—this year: “Embracing Challenging Conversations: Moving Towards Reconciliation Locally, Nationally, and Globally.”

The exhibit has photos from all around the world with a plethora of different subjects. Each photograph is accompanied by a short description by the photographer, telling the story behind the specific photograph. The photographs are of places ranging from China to Peru, and show scenes and people that are beautiful and meaningful to the photographer. The exhibit brings a touch of the world to BC’s campus and helps the community experience different cultures and perspectives through photography.

“Preparation for New Student Welcome Reception on Stokes Lawn” by Herbert Fei, BC Law ’19, shows Stokes Lawn from an aerial view before the new student welcome reception. In his description, Fei writes about the excitement he himself felt as a new international student, and how the sight of these preparations made him feel accepted and proud to be a part of the BC community.

“Kali Calls” by Emily Davé, BC ’18, shows a ritual dance in Patan Durbar Square in Nepal where onlookers sit on monuments from the 2015 earthquake that devastated the country. Giving background on the fast-paced changes that Nepal has experienced, Davé wrote: “In a world where change as the new normal often threatens cultural heritage, celebrating tradition brings balance and stability.”

“Left Behind Child in Yunnan” by Yu Wang, CSOM ’19, shows a striking scene of a young boy watching a traditional performance of Chinese instruments, the sole viewer of the show. Taken in Lijiang, China, a popular tourist destination where visitors can experience Chinese tradition, the young boy watching the show is a reminder that children will be responsible for continuing their heritage and culture, although more and more young people dream of going to big cities and away from such tradition.

These photographs, as well as many others, show off special moments throughout the world. At the core of the selections, however, is a unity in appreciation for culture and tradition. The IEW Photo Exhibit takes the viewer around the world, but in the end, all the photos are united in their thought and beauty.

Featured Image by Sam Zhai / Heights Staff

November 4, 2018