Grass, Lettuce, and UIS: TU/TD

Thumbs Up

Grass – The type on the ground. Shoutout to Leahy’s grass by Stokes for making such an incredible rebound. It looked like a battlefield after College Gameday, and our pre-Thanksgiving snow day didn’t especially help it recover from its hangover, no matter how much Gatorade we could conceivably pour on it. Just weeks later, it puts the Champ de Mars to shame. A special thank you to Boston College Facilities.

Stairs– Hear me out—they may have be a main gripe for everyone, from seniors to prospective students. But my legs look great. My mom asked if I had started going to barre class. Even that family friend commented on my calves. If I had one thing going for me during Thanksgiving Break, it was that I was in better shape than anyone else (at least before we ate dinner). Don’t worry, stairs will be promptly moved to the thumbs down column after they ice over.

Thumbs Down

Romaine Lettuce –Romaine Lettuce. RIP to anyone who considered themselves a fan of the Chicken Caesar Wrap at Eagles Nest. The item’s been missing off the menu ever since the FDA issued a recall of romaine lettuce for something to do with E. coli. Sounds unimportant. Maybe this should be a thumbs up, as it gives everyone an excuse not to eat salads for the next few weeks? Enjoy your shameless lunchtime pizza, BC.

UIS – My parents had typewriters in college that were more technologically advanced than this system. As did my grandparents. It is rumored that UIS coding was originally a chance invention of cavemen drawing “0”s and “1”s on cave walls. Successfully figuring out UIS automatically registers you as a Computer Science minor. Happy Registration Period everyone.

Featured Graphic by Ikram Ali / Graphics Editor

December 3, 2018