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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Week of April 16

Thumbs Up:

  • Lying in the Grass
    • With the first glimpse of summer at the end of last week, Boston College students emerged from their dorm rooms and flooded the quads. Shorts and skirts were pulled out of hiding and smiles were big. Everything from meals to meetings took place in the shade of a tree. When the days are this nice, the only thing we can do is drag our friends outside and enjoy the sun. Whether you’re reading, chatting, or taking a well-deserved nap, there is nothing quite like lying in the grass in the middle of a stressful weekday.
  • Spring Cleaning
    • Yes, we said it—cleaning is good! Even if your dorm room isn’t completely trashed, there is nothing quite like heading into the last few weeks of school with a clean slate (literally)! Spring allergies also heighten the importance of dusting and scrubbing. So, blast your favorite upbeat music, grab your vacuums, and get to work. Perhaps you will even be inspired to buy some fresh flowers or room decorations. Trust us, brightening your environment will brighten your day too.

Thumbs Down:

  • Saying Goodbye to Old Roomies
    • With housing for next year finally settled, we are feeling relief but also a little bit of sadness about the room rearrangements. Whether you’re a freshman leaving your first BC friends, a sophomore dividing their group between on- and off-campus housing, or a senior saying goodbye, change is hard. And even if your roommates are staying the same, there is nothing happy about a summer apart from them. These are the people that shape our lives at school, so hold your BC family close for the next few weeks and have one last hurrah.
  • Printing Papers
    • In the age of digital everything, it is a pain to turn Canvas-assigned work in on paper. Late night and early morning treks across campus are long enough without mandatory stops at the library to print. That’s not to mention the inevitable typo caught at the last-second that becomes impossible to correct now that your paper is in physical form. Unless you have a secret portable, mini-printer, the whole ordeal is a quite avoidable and wasteful hassle. And don’t get us started on the stress of being sick on a day with an in-person paper submission. So please professors, at least provide us the option to turn things in online!
April 16, 2023